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#17 The Secret of Monkey Island
guessed by Darashiva
platform DOS
release year 1990
developer/publisher Lucasfilm Games (later called LucasArts)
genre point-and-click adventure
links Wikipedia
last year  #20

The LucasArts adventures were a great portion of my gaming youth. I played the first two Monkey Island games, but the first one I liked better, because I think the humour is more on spot. If you like point-and-click adventures there is really no way to avoid the great Monkey Island games by Ron Gilbert (the first two).

The story is about the guy, Guybrush Threepwood, who wants to become a pirate. He seeks out the pirate elders who task him with some trials to become a pirate. These alone are hilarious. Additionally Guybrush falls in love with the governor of the island Elaine Marley and tries to win her heart. And then are these rumours about the undead pirate LeChuck.

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