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Dead Space was an established franchise? Since when?

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These titles were hyped like crazy on these forums pre and post-release, reviewers were attacked with similar vigour when they pointed out flaws and apparently underrated them (you know, the old '-5% rule' bs which is annoyingly quoted with increasing frequency on these forums). Now that it turns out that the sales were less than amazing loads of you are hacking into these great games like crazy. Shame you didn't see the light sooner, you would've saved yourselves a lot of disappointment.

NJ5 said:
Dead Space was an established franchise? Since when?

Since EA put a bunch of cash making a crappy animation, a horrible comic book and a couple of games thinking that'll be the next Resident Evil.

you gotta hand it to SEGA, they tried and no one can deny that, so for them to say this or at least have this in their minds is telling...

/my 2 cents

So much for install base and widening the the demographic, the reality is that the install base is essentially useless if this demographic don't buy software and this goes hand in hand with the 'wide' demographic the wii install base is suppose to have, but it turns out it's not as wide as people thought, and is in fact more narrow than the tradition install base found on the PS3/360. Now while it's true that Nintendo have taped into the casual demographic and have actually expanded the market, this expanded segment of the market however have a lower amount of genre they like and want, which means 1 certain genre will sell gangbusters but the rest simply wont, unfortunately it seems that it's Nintendo games which sell gangbusters and every other developers misses out, except for the rareraties that manage to break the mould, but they are the exception to the rule.

It's sad though, because there are so many good 3rd party games that wii core owners are missing out on if they only own the wii, Nintendo should have really tried harder to get 3rd party games on there machine even if they fail in regards to sales they would have gained mind share amoung the core, but it seems Nintendo simply cares about it's bottom line, which is fine because they are a business, but at the same time if they get an image of simply being corporate and not caring then it'll bite them in the ass, it's a catch 22 though. Yes I know they still deliver with 1st party games, but I'm referring to their 3rd party efforts, which is to say that it feels like it's non existant at the moment.

Unfortunately if Sega 100% pulls out of making mature games on the wii, then it'll just fuel the idea that games don't sell on wii, and other devs will use Sega as an example, and the situation will simply get worse.

I have to say, this is the only generation I remember that the console with the highest install base, with amazing sales, has been missing out on nearly every high production 3rd party Game to have been developed and released....it's a unique situation.

/my 2 cents

You can't blame SEGA for coming to this decision. They've tried harder than most 3rd-party's to bring "mature" content to the Wii. HotD:OK was good but short and The Conduit was an average game in an under-represented (on Wii) but popular genre. I get the feeling the art-style on Madworld probably put people off. And if I remember rightly High Voltage already have some titles coming for Wii so these probably won't be the last mature games on Wii from them, but the next batch could be...

At the end of the day it's the consumers that'll choose.

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kingofwale said:
was Dead Space on HD console heavily advertised?


But I'm getting a little tired of DSE being waved around like God's Gift to Man. It's from a franchise that wasn't established, it wasn't marketed, it wasn't hyped, it's not terribly original, hell, it's not even one of the highest rated Wii games on metacritic and I often see that qualification tossed around in sales arguments. The most egregious example out of this is that DS2 was announced two months later and a Wii version was no where in sight. EA had no intention of pushing Dead Space on Wii as a serious franchise. If they were, they would have taken a similar approach to Capcom by establishing the franchise on Wii before sending out the throwaway spinoff (RE4 -> UC).

I find it particularly strange that Sega is using EA's non-efforts as a measurement as I was always under the impression that their Wii efforts sold more. Not to mention they had better reception in the community.

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another wii hater comes out of the closet and talks shit.

EA advertising? haha when did they do that for dead space on rails crap?



As long as those Wii game maintain their full price it makes of course no difference when someone buys them, but I saw that Conduit, Madworld and Dead Space Extraction got a price cut after a few weeks here in Europe and that is of course not good at all for the publisher and the devs.

theprof00 said:
Ah, so when they were saying that they were happy with sales in the first weeks after those games, they were actually panicked.

Not necessarily. This is a studio director, a developer. Few of SEGA's mature games were done internally, and i imagine he might not be as privvy to profit margins.

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it doesnt bother me really. while the hd systems have more mature rated games ive noticed there are much fewer games on them i want to play. and yes i do have access to both the ps3 and 360.
it just seems that mature rated games seems to be limited to certain genres and themes.