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Since your warranty is up and it wouldn't really cost you anything to trade up, you'll be getting the amount of HDD space you want, i'd go for the slim.

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get the slim. I want a slim pretty bad. I'm even willing to sell my phat 60 gig at less than its value to put towards a slim.

@coolestguyever, go for slim the 60gb is old hardware, it will die soon then ull be crying, also go for the slim its not worth buying an extra HDD

no brainer .. same amount of money "new" Ps3 for old one and less power consumption, less noise, less heat.


Go for the slim.. I think it has a 120 GB HDD anyway.  And, it uses less power, and all that good stuff.  Who knows, maybe if people request it, they'll put back the OS support... Hell, maybe if people were actually using it, Sony probably could have gotten a deal with MS to allow windows without emulation.

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Whats the big deal of installing linux nowadays? it seems just the time Sony removed it everyone started caring.
Linux on PS3 = Slow and useless

Get the Slim, you fix another PS3 sale for Sony.

Ehhh, I like the Fat more then the Slim so I would upgrade the HD and stick with that. A lot of people are technically spending more money to trade in there working console for an unproven smaller cheaper looking model.

Ehhh, it really is a matter of opinion, but the Slims look cheap (IMO Ill stick with my Fat.

It seems that getting the ps3 slim would satisfy your need for a larger hard drive, as well as satisfying your need to be an early adopter of "new tech" even though it's the same tech in a different box, lol. Also if you said that trading your current ps3 would allow you to spend pretty much the same amount of money you would on an HDD than it's a no brainer, get the PS3 slim.


I say slim it up