For people who ONLY own a Wii, what price break on PS3 is needed to buy?

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I'm going to agree that PS3 is a move down. The reason for that is the experience is mostly the same I can get on the PC. However there are games the PS3 has that I can't play on the Wii or PC. So for me the PS3 is not some penultimate machine of awesome power. It is just a game machine. I would pay $200cdn for the machine. That too me is the PS3 worth. I know for the OP graphics are king, like the awesome graphics power of the PS2. But power has never defined my buy purchase. The experience has.

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bevochan said:

For those who own a xbox360, it's assumed that you don't need another HD gaming system.

If you only own a Wii and want to move up to a HD gaming system, is a $50 price break enough to get a PS3?

How about $100?

Or just buy a separate blu-ray disc player?

I own a Wii and 360 and a BR player, but the Wii would likely satisfy me if I didn't have the 360.

My wife is the one itching for a PS3, but she won't budge until the price drops at least $100.

I got a Wii then got a free 360 with Club Bing and never use it, problem is im a fan of nintendo games, Just didnt get as much fun from the 360. I do want the PS3 for a few games LBP and download games but I dont think any price drop will convince me to buy one simply due to the fact I will always focus on my Wii.

Most fanboys probally do the same but wont admit it, games on other systems either are not as fun or just dont seem as fun to a fanboy like me.

I already want one and personally I wouldnt buy one till $200. My bro who doesnt play games wants one at $300. So yup take the for what you will. Id also woulnt mind splitting the cost $150 for it. Already ton of great games I want for PS3 so I want one now.

That said I freeload of my friends all the time and still like my Wii better so I wouldnt be "moving up"

this generation i bought the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii, my gaming experience is perfect, there a lot of services on playstation 3 that Xbox360 hasn't got, and i'm really satisfied by both of them.

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I believe a big problem for upgrading is that not many people trust microsoft or sony. If or one have not seen anything original come out of the microsoft camp for well since it was born. Sony also has not made anything original since the original walkman but just tried to force unconvincing format variations onto the public. I'm just very glad mr Joe Public is getting wise to all this

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I said judging by your account on vgchartz it seems you dont have a PLAYSTATION NETWORK account or use one frequently(same applies to a gamertag on XBL)

In that case, yes. I don't understand what does it have to do with the conversation, but truth it is. I don't play online at all that much.

PSN is a huge part of the ps3 experience, without it might as well just have a bluray player that plays ps3 games

And that is how we get to -56,000 vg$ folks. (well at least partially, lol)

Really now, what would the XBOX 360 be without xbox live? It wouldnt feel like an xbox 360 now would it.. same goes with the PS3 and PSN

Well, ok. What I have to say is that I already tried that experience and I won't say I don't like it. I simply don't use it  that much (well, Live of course I don't use it at all).

That is why you dont like your ps3 or 360 as much as you do your wii

I never play online on the ps3. I only like multiplayer on the PC. The superior experience is there..

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It would have to get into the $250 +/- $25 range, which is where I bit for both my Wii and 360. I would make the jump more for the Blu-Ray functionality, which poses a problem since by the time the PS3 gets to that price a stand-alone player should be significantly less. I'm happy with my Wii60 combo at present.

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It might get a little tempting at $200, but even at that price point PS3 + 1 PS3 game = 5 Wii games.

I have no doubt that I could have a lot of fun with a PS3. If one fell into my lap, I would definitely start buying games for it tomorrow. But I just can't justify the price of admission when there are quite a few Wii/DS games that I'd love to own and don't.

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ill buy a PS3 when....oh wait, ill never buy a PS3. may consider a 360, though...