namco bandai to release 3 new games for the ps3.

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i doubt namco has any april fools tricks left up their sleeves. i think its legit. (HOPEFULLY!)





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Time Crises 5? Anyone thinking this?

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Namco - Bandai are showing PS3 some love. Tekken 6 this year too .

WOW the min i go Dual HD, PS3 gets the lovin from alot of my fave devs! OMFG!!! i guess im really starting to believe.... wow... o.o

Action there's another wii game there too. labeled an "action game."

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PS3 is relentless with the new games it seems, wonder what Sony is doing to encourage such enthusiasm.


Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

Please dont tell me its Magna Carta that is the worst RPG i have ever played in my life (and im really serious here)

the fighting system is pointless , the story is boring, the gameplay is horrible,  the main character .. well the first half an hour i thought he is a girl until the dude spoke.


PS moving is USELESS in this game, it actually make you lose AP which leads you not attacking, and you only move ONE character in the game the others just stand still and get attacked.

anyone with a right mind should just ignore that game >.<

NanakiXI said:
Time Crises 5? Anyone thinking this?


Good call,

so thats going to be the shooting game, i hope they would add Two guncons this time. i never bought TC4 cause of this tho i liked the series.

OMG,,how many PS3 announcements are there?




a shoter well namco anouce a shoter for the ps3 long time ago don't remeber the name but the games was anouced in famitsu years ago, and even have screens, don't rember if do you guys rember that, the guy lokks a little like crysis.