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This thread is for everything Soul Eater related. (Heres hoping some are still interested or care)
Including the new game for the Wii being made by Square Enix and DS game by Namco Bandai
Soul Eater:Monotone Princess - Wii


Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou(Medusa's Plot) - DS


Soul Eater:Monotone Princess is like I said a Hack n' Slash action-adventure game. The screens below are from an early build that was announced at the begining of the year so I understand your doubt but still I have hope.

Players will be able to choose from three main characters as the "meister", (Maka, Black Star, or Death the Kid), and complements of their weapons ( Soul, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty). New storylines and characters are exclusively designed by the creator, Atsushi Okobo. Aside from 3D gameplay, Okobo's production company BONES will also create new special animation scenes for the game. During actual gameplay, players need to follow the soul-wavelength (similar to cadence), using the A button for combo attacks. When the wavelength level is high, the player can start "Soul Resonance", a special attack. Players are allowed to change characters during the adventure, and will result in multiple endings.
Note - This is not a Kingdom Hearts rip-off. It really makes no since there are a different genre and its based on an anime.



Heres the very first video released for it. Its a TV spot though and no actual gameplay.= Still its a good thing to know its gonna have original cutscenes.


Soul Eater: Medusa no Inbou(Medusa's Plot) is like I said a 3D Hack N' Slash action adventure game for the DS
This one is being developed by Namco Bandai. Its been the most recent announced just a few weeks ago. You might not like the Wii screens but these are some pretty 3D graphics for the DS imo. The Chibi design works well.


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I love the show, I would get this game for sure.


wow ,,, never heard of this game ,,, and it looks like one of the best of SE

checking up the anime right now :D


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Nikkom gave me a link to the anime... so I'll soon watch it.

knowing SE and the dissidia game coming up...this game should rock

I dont like FF but I might try out the dissidia.

Dissidia is a figthing game so it should be quite good, anyway is there a date for both soul eater games yet?

Im not getting excited unless it is to be released in the US which I doubt...God I love this show bring it to US Square!

Former something....