Forums - Sales Discussion - Japanese First Day Sales (DBZ BL: 60k on PS3, 8k on 360. NG2 20k)

PS3 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - 60.000
WII Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren 3: Karakuri Yashiki no Nemuri Hime - 40.000 (40% sell through)
360 Ninja Gaiden II - 20.000
NDS DS Yamamura Misa Suspense - 17.000
360 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - 8.000
PS2 Oookuki - Uncountable


Very good for DBZ: BL on PS3! I am very surprised it did so well.

Not so good for either 360 game..Japan must *really* not care about the 360 anymore...Unless NG2 will have some sort of good legs (did MS market NG2??). NGSigma sold 23k first day. Eternal Sonata (which was released in a similar time frame) was about 35k first day.  

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Well, NG2 sold only 3,000 less first day than Sigma (it's a remake, but most in Japan wouldn't have played the original), on a much smaller userbase, in a genre that the country doesn't take well to. So, well I wouldn't call it a victory, it's at least not as bad as it may have been.

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Maybe PS3/360 will have small hardware bump. Ninja Gaiden II numbers are ok it is what I thought.

I don't think that genre is too popular in Japan, but decent figures

Not bad for WII Fushigi no Dungeon can be over 60.000 first week.

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Shiren the Wanderer is doing quite well actually. Could be around 65.000 first week. Definitely not bad.

Too bad for Ninja Gaiden, Dragon Ball PS3 pretty good. Does anyone know what DBZ games did on PS2?

Exactly when did Japan care for the X360?


FishyJoe said:
Exactly when did Japan care for the X360?

It all started on Neveruary 32nd! 

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WOW I'm highly impressed by DBZ PS3 and Furai no Shiren sales, especially Siren, never expected it would sell so much on the WII, I'm really surprised Hopefully it will hit the US and it will get good scores then I'm sure I will get it...

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