Super Mario RPG comes out for Japan's VC in June

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Thank you Square. Thank you Nintendo. Hopefully, more of the big Square games come out.

See how the game is 900 points instead of 800. Nintendo likes money and it will make a lot of money off of this release. I prefer the Mario Paper style (I bought the N64 version on VC recently) and beat this game back in the day so I don't plan on buying it but I know many of you will. I'm interested to see how well the reviews of it hold up.

IGN said,

"Super Famicom (SNES)
Super Mario RPG (Nintendo, 900)"



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am i allowed to say sexy things here?

sex. hope it comes to europe

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Please come to vc here !!!
please, please, pleeeeeeeease !!!!

So there's still hope for FFVI and CT for VC release

I hope buy it here.

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I have been waiting for this forever.

I just hope it quickly follows to the US. :)

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US release please! I never played it.

HURRAY! hopefully this means U.S. and Europe will get soon after

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Europe release please. If it's anything like the N64 Paper Mario I will love it.

Never played it on the SNES. But I did play it on my brother's laptop for like an hour. >_>; I want it and hope it will come out here in NA and in EU, Australia and everywhere else by the end of July.