Witcher 3 and all expansions will be on the card out of the box!

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Wow, they are just throwing so much shame at third parties at this point

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Well they must have saved a lot of space on the assets reduction, because the game with all DLC is a lot bigger than 32Gb on the other platforms.

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I'm super curious to see what this looks like hands-on.

Don't know if will buy or not. If I do, it will be digital regardless, so topic a bit moot to me.

But have this on PC. Love the few mods I have installed on PC.

Never finished newest DLC, so maybe I will buy the Switch version and replay from day 1. IDK. I do love the game, and love Gwent in teh game super bad too. Love supporting this dev too. Ah, maybe FF8 will get me my fix on card game and I can hold off for now.

50 GB to 30 GB is easy compression / texture work folks. Size is no constraint for any ported Switch game with the 32 GB cart.

Now, to take RE2 from some 800 MB down to 64 MB to fit in a N64 cart, that was borderline witchcraft.






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I want to curse out of excitement, but the forum rules won't let me.

@#$% yeah these dudes are beasts. Was planning on getting this on the One X but now I'm considering double-dipping. I want the grand experience first because I haven't played this game before, and the portable experience can compliment it nicely.

I just wish they would pop the trilogy in one place. I have the first two on Mac, but 3 isn't available for it. I was considering picking up #2 for the 360 to play on the One X because I like the pleasure of having the games accessible in one place, and preferably the physical copies and on a console. Trilogy port please!! The collector in me is getting ready to stupidly throw money your way, CD PR.

Metallox said:
burninmylight said:

Effort, care and pride.

And massive downgrades and audio compression. 

Please don't hit me, I want the game, but it's the truth :3 

Of course it is. No one is saying that the porting team just needs to sprinkle magic dust on it, but it is a mountain that can be climbed with the things that I mentioned. I wonder what the next "The Switch would never be able to handle a decent port of that!" game will be.

And I will hit you whenever I damn well please, slave.

Time to bring Cyberpunk 2077 over, CD Project!

But yeah, its refreshing to see a thrid party developer treat the Switch properly.

this game is 540p in portable mode

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I can't wait for this!

For some reason I thought this was published by WB games and I thought to myself: If they can port this, they can do the Arkham trilogy. Oh Well.

Switch is getting some pretty damn impressive third party support.