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Will Last of Us: Part II Release In 2019?

Yes 14 48.28%
No 15 51.72%
Azzanation said:

If TLOU2 comes out before the PS5, than expect a TLOU2 Remaster for the PS5 and not being full BC. I cannot see Sony dropping out from Remastering games since they made a crap ton of money and sold a crap ton of copies using this method. Its probably better this game becomes a shared PS4/PS5 game similar to Zelda BOTW in my opinion.

This is how I see things playing out. Same thing with original TLOU.

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Release this game for PS4 early 2020 and remaster it (4K + 60FPS) for holidays 2020 for the PS5 launch.

Of course you can play the PS4 version of it on PS5 too thanks to backwards compatibility but that version won't run with 4K + 60FPS.

Ka-pi96 said:
It seems unlikely, especially since Sony won't even be at E3 this year to promote it.

E3 isn't the be all end all of videogame promotion,it never was and it's especially not in this day and age. Plus, it was already showcased at last year's E3, it would have been pretty redundant to have yet another slot reserved for TLoU2, if Sony's E3 conference was indeed happening this year, the popularity of the game is so big that it barely needs any more exposure at this point in time.

RaptorChrist said:
So people seem to think it's going to be a PS5 release? I can't imagine them *not* releasing it on PS4 what with the massive install base.

After seeing what BotW did for the Switch launch, I would not be suprised if they ignored the high install base of the PS4 to achieve a MASSIVE PS5 launch.

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Quite possible release... but considering Sony hardly put their blockbuster for holidays and we didn't get a date yet first half of 2020 is more likely. And then remaster on PS5 at holidays 2020.

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I believe it's coming in 2019 coupled with the PS5 announcement. Launching in 2013 didn't affect TLoU sales in anyway.

People seem to forget that TLOU only launched 5 months prior to PS4. Sony wouldn't delay the release to do a dual release on PS4/PS5. If anything, it will mirror the original game and get a remaster a year later.

i think sony will hold in the next few weeks an event, where they will announce some release dates of upcoming games, so yes i think it's possible

I'm starting to think that Death Stranding will be 2019 and 2020 will be an early TLOU2 release followed with Ghost being a PS5 launch title. Although yes originally I did kind of expect it to be either TLOU 2 in 2019 or TLOU 2 and Death in 2019.

I'm kinda surprised people seem to mostly think it isn't likely to come.

This year or early next is most likely I think.