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No9tro said:

So does this mean that you will be removing games that you have no official numbers on 0r...?


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Im positive that Trucks had a thread about Supporter perks and there was a nice list of suggestions, but I couldn't find it.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

Sad, but it has been coming. The software sales data here in the last few years has only gotten less reliable and has been taking a really long time to come out. It makes sense to just shift to official shipments at this point, considering the amount of accurate information they provide these days, and how they don't take that much longer to come around given how slow the updates had gotten. If anything, it'll be nice to look at a game's numbers on VGC and know they're actually accurate.

So to clarify, to compensate for no digital sales data we are instead tracking shipments rather than sales?

Yeah, this became inevitable, because when you see Ubisoft games and games like Horizon Zero Dawn still so low compared to official numbers given almost a year ago because VGC can't track digital sales, it destroy the porpuse of having info in sales, because that info is completely useless.

So i'll miss the specific info of software charts, in fact the reason the very first few years i came here to this site was primarly for software charts, i did not care that much for hardware sales, but this change will be for the better.

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Dulfite said:
So to clarify, to compensate for no digital sales data we are instead tracking shipments rather than sales?

Yeah that's a pretty good tl;dr

I don't get it. How does tracking the shipped number of physical copies paint a better picture than tracking the sold number of physical copies? I don't like the idea of trying to track revenue streams over sales. That's just a recipe for putting games with MTS, and egregious DLC schemes on the front page, over games that legitimately made money by selling large numbers.

Oh man,I'll be honest that I am really sad for this change. I know the reason and why you are doing this,I am not questioning the decision. But even if they are estimates and the gap between physical and digital on all plataforms is getting wilde and qilde, VgChartz were the only thing we've had to track the sales of those games that didn't sold multiple million copies. I am not leaving the site or anything,but I don't think I am gonna follow the shipped numbers as close as I do with the sales numbers right now.

For those wondering the weekly hardware charts aren't going anywhere.

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So if i understand this correctly :
Hardware weekly stays
Software weekly will be gone
Software sales will only be visible on the game page itself ( based on shipping reports amd revenue reports etc etc )

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