Half the world's population is now middle class or richer

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$110 a day is rich? Shouldn't that go into yhe vulnerable section?

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$11/day is about $330/month, which is well below the poverty line in Australia, which is roughly $1876/month.

Even the homeless in Australia would spend more than $11/day. These numbers are complete garbage.

SpokenTruth said:
GProgrammer said:
so anyone earning more than $110 a day is not middle class but rich, Wow Everyone I know is a member of the rich class

Spending per day, not earning per day.  If you are spending $110 per person in your home per day, then = rich.  For a family of 4, that's $3,080 spent per week....$12,320 per month.

That's not rich, that's middle class. 12k isnt going to get you much. You're not going to be able to afford vacations throughout the year (maybe you'll be able to squeeze out a few weeks a year) You can't afford a second vacation house or even a first house or condo in a nice urban area like Manhattan, Toronto etc. You cant afford a decent boat, luxury hotels (except for a few days) etc. 12k gets you nothing except a roof, food and some local entertainment.

A lot of this is driven by China.  

I think it's more telling though that about half the world gets by on less than $330 a month.  And a good portion of it gets by on even less than that.  

Don't believe this one bit.

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I wonder why the VGC socialists aren't here. lol

Mystro-Sama said:
I wonder why the VGC socialists aren't here. lol

Because they're not much to tell when it's obviously not a good graph with some off the charts variables.

Also, this is from a lone study. It would take more research and samey conclusions to at least validate the claim.

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The rise of China and India surely plays a big part in this. Good to see though.

Mystro-Sama said:
I wonder why the VGC socialists aren't here. lol

What socialists?  The most active socialist left.  

Additionally why would they care?  Just because a system is successful in some way, doesn't mean that it's the best system, or even a good system. No one points at China's success and says we should have their type of government, do they?  

110$ a day in China for example would equal about having a monthly salary for one person of close to 6600$ in Sweden. Yeah, that is the very definition of being rich and people need to stop being so Western centric and realize that cost of living is always measured compared to each country, not according to how we live in our own countries. I'm not saying the graph is correct, but living on 11-110$ per day sounds reasonable considering the number of people living in large populated areas where cost of living is way less compared to Western Europe and the US that house a minority of the world's population.