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Kerotan said:
Porn and sex robots has done massive damage over there. It's a sad reality but it will only get worse and their population will only get smaller.

I went several times in adult stores here, but I have no idea what all of you mean by sex robots. (well, I know what sex robots are, but you don't find it here) 


Lots of onaholes, sure, but no sex robots. The most expensive stuffs I've seen are kind of automatic onaholes. That's all. And porn here is censored, so I guess they mostly use the same porn as us on internet. 

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On the bright side probably fewer Japanese woman get raped than American woman on average.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Qwark said:
On the bright side probably fewer Japanese woman get raped than American woman on average.

Possibly untrue because most Japanese women have no idea that consent is a thing, especially when it comes to alcohol.

flashfire926 said:
Japan really needs to ease up on their immigration policies. Bring more people in to offset the decline in population.

NO! I want to keep Japan pure and xenophobic.

Its the only way we can guarantee the same quality of anime, hentai, and whatever stupid shit we keep rely on them for.

We just need to force them to have sex, like pandas.

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Farsala said:
Qwark said:
On the bright side probably fewer Japanese woman get raped than American woman on average.

Possibly untrue because most Japanese women have no idea that consent is a thing, especially when it comes to alcohol.

Exactly. Most of them don't know what a rape is. "It's just sex", as long as it's not done with the threat of a knife, everything is fine.


Sexual harassment is also part of the culture, no woman will complain about it.

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Great news. The sooner they lower immigration restrictions the better.

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Megiddo said:
Woah, they got sex robots already available for consumer purchase over there?

America has them too. Starting at $2,500 a pop. 

pokoko said:
Faelco said:

One thing that I forgot... Most Japanese women are a complete bore on dates. No opinions, no discussions, nothing. "Be cute and shut up" seems to be their education.

And from what some of them told me, Japanese guys can be complete assh*les thinking that women are objects. Example : a guy who arrives 45 minutes late at the first date without warning and explains that he didn't see the time because he was playing video games (and the girl waited), and then during the date explains while laughing how his friends like to make girls drink a lot to rape them. The girl left at that time (and told me that when she were on a date together). Other girls told me that they didn't want to date Japanese guys anymore. And some women have no success with men because they look independant and talk back easily (that's what some guys told me). So "women are cute objects, men are the assh*les in power" seems to be usual mindset. No wonder dating is not popular...

I had a Japanese friend tell me to never, ever date a Japanese woman.  According to him, most have little interest in romance, they're just looking for someone to support them so they can stop working and for someone who will increase their status.

I'm not saying that's true but it does seem to be common sentiment.

I'm sure that's true but that statement applies to most women on this planet, not just Japanese women. Marriage/relations were always about business.

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I love that people overlook some basic shit in surveys like this.... half of the under 40s are virgins?!!! man that's shocking.... did you know that more than 25% of the people under 40.... are 10 or under, think about the ages included in the survey before you start to imagine anime girls falling from the tree's over there begging for Senpai to notice them, considering that the age of consent there ranges from 13-18 depending on the region (damn you survey for making me google that, now I have that weird question in my google history forever lol) that means that if keeping to the age of consent and of course the law there, people will say they've not had sex before that age when surveyed because it would be a crime to suggest otherwise.

If someone handed you a survey which said had you downloaded pirated TV shows and software off the internet... would you not hesitate slightly before ticking "of fucking course I have I know what a computer is"

so yeah....

Survey covers a group of people that around 50% of whom wouldn't be legal to have sex, since obviously anyone who dies before the age of 18 would fall into that half but no one is going to be in the region of 18-40 without having been alive for the first 18 years, so if you look at the numbers from a realistic point of view... it means that 100% if not more of the people who could be having legal sex... are having sex.

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70% of women is single? Seems I need to go to Japan then, feels like 0% are here where I am.