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played at least 8 hours months ago and I just don't feel like continuing on.

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It was like an 8/10 for me. Certainly could have been better, Tabata changed too much from back when the game was Versus 13 imo. 

I tried to like it. But the game just started off fairly slowly and I lost interest.
Might give it another chance on a rainy day.

I liked the game when i played it.

This was a very well done analysis. I tried to really like FFXV but just couldn't. It was just a lifeless world, and I didn't care for the dynamic between the main characters. I can see how you would enjoy the dynamic between Noctis and his friends, on a road trip...but I dunno, the world and combat fell flat. Music was just...okay. I like how he juxtaposed the game with others like BotW, Nier Automata, MHW, and Dragon Quest XI.

Definitely not the worst game in the series, that goes to FFII imo, but it's pretty down there on my list.

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Vodacixi said:
A terrible game with clunky character control and combat mechanics, uneven story, an "open world" that is not actually open and some of the worst protagonist party in the series. At least the music is God-Tier and the game itself is gorgeous.

So... it looks good, it sounds good... but if you look past that you'll see nothing but bullshit.

NOT REALLY.  im not a huge fan of the series at all, but i feel this game has some satisfying enemy fights and bounty challenges. exploring the world was fun and graphics were nice. But the story was crap, felt incomplete and rushed. The dlc was crappy and rushed aswel. Here's hoping the dragon quest 11 is a better game.

I was bored after the 1st few hours.. strip the visuals away and the game is as generic as open worlds come. Much like many other graphical focused games.

It's not for nothing this game striped out my complete love for this franchise that I loved back then after playing X for the first *few* times.

Square Enix forced evolution on concepts that didn't need to be forced and their usual mismangement of projects make these experiences worsen as the end result.

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For me it was by far the worse of all I played; I don't recall what was the chapter (10 or 13) where you can roam in the big area with the crater/crystal thing in the middle but I remember clearly giving up at this point.  

My main problems with the games:

- The story was really not appealing to me (those guys on road trip... A car... meh)
- Combat system
- Equipment and gears
- Flasks or whatever is the name of the spell system where you mix elements
- Traveling time and quest... Took like forever to complete a quest even the smallest one because of all the traveling

But the game definitely looked really amazing graphically; which the main reason I went so far before stopping.

My favorite FF is by the far the 12 :)

Mediocre disappointment ? So it's not so bad? I guess a mediocre disappointment is better than being a straight up disappointment.