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Ka-pi96 said:
Who are you?

came to say this too......

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Ka-pi96 said:
Who are you?



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darkenergy said:

Did you just change your avatar so it will help people remember you? 


Every day since you retired

I been here 9 years and honestly don't know who you are.

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BraLoD said:


think-man said:
Only if you are the girl in the picture, otherwise no xD

Well unless VGC has a pornstar posting here then no. The user name and pic is of the pornstar. So you can look her up for science.

Don't even know who you are...

KyleeStrutt said:

Did you miss me

No. Not when we've got LadyJ.

Nighthawk117 said:
KyleeStrutt said:

Did you miss me

No. Not when we've got LadyJ to get a boner about.  Plus, her boobs are bigger than yours and she's younger and has a tighter ass.

Not to mention she won the best-looking user contest for this year.  Schwiing !

Looks like someone has been... having fun.

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