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1: From what we've heard so far, it will be underpowered by running with Nvidia's mobile Tegra processor which makes it even less powerful than an Xbox 360 and third party developers would want to avoid a console that has an entirely different architecture than its competition, that was exactly what happened during the Wii and Wii U era.


2: Lack of online gaming and the fact that it will use gimmicks and run on cartridges, that was the same reason they failed with the N64 and Gamecube and it'll happen again because they didn't use a decent optical disc format that can store big games.


3: It will likely be another PR flop. It will be revealed in a time where E3 is over, if you want to cater the decide to the masses then you have to do that by promoting it as much as possible, by not doing that they are showing that they only want to sell it to a specific audience, which is an obvious indication if you only promote it a Nintendo Direct. E3 is a brilliant place to create hype and promote a console; you let people try it, look at it and you create hype, all that is not there if you're just gonna make a cheap Nintendo Direct, which only a specific install base would know existed.


4: The NX was an idea brought to life when Iwata was CEO. Nintendo are getting more and more irrelevant by following a pattern where they sell stationary consoles at a decrease every gen, by not showing it at E3, it's obvious they are afraid of it getting overshadowed, which could mean they are admitting that it won't be a good console and that it will fail even more than the Wii U. It wouldn't surprise me if the NX actually sold worse than the Gamecube and Wii U. The Wii U sold most of the consoles during the first half year which was about 5 or 7 million where it was on level with the Wii 1, but after that it was done and it's only going to get worse and worse. They're selling at a decline every gen. If they're already releasing the NX in in 7 months then it most likely won't even be a next gen console but a current gen console and it would sell worse than the Gamecube, because the Gamecube was only released 1½-2 years after the PS2, but the NX is releasing almost 3½ after the PS4 and Xbox One which already has a lot better hardware, a ton of games by then and low prices compared with the NX.


5: Think back of the Virtual Boy and N-Gage which were both hybrid that failed. Face it, hybrid is a terrible idea, because that way no third party would support it unless it becomes a success, but even if that was the case it will be the same case with the NX as the Wii 1 and Wii U where they get problems by only releasing a AAA title every 2 or 3 years. The NX will be a flop, something like the Virtual Boy where they're not sure to decide whether they should call it a handheld console or a stationary console. Nintendo are much better off as a third party publisher, Pokemon Go is a proof of this, Sega is another proof of this.


6: Very few poeple buy handhelds anymore. Hanheld console sales recently have been at a decline for years and the idea of a stationary and handheld hybrid couldn't become anything but a failure.


7: Weird time to release it. They will release the thing in March, 3 years after PS4 and Xbox One in a time where people far from buy as many games as Christmas and by the time it's Christmas 2017 the NX will be crushed by the competition.


9: It will miss out on a lot of genres that caters to the masses like RPG, FPS, Sandbox and Racing. If they can't fulfill all those genres and design a console that has as much a broad install base as possible, then there's no way ever they are going to succeed with any of their future consoles.

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Great reasoning. As always, I love the chart which shows Nintendo's continual decline in the home console market, even though it doesn't.

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We don't know what the NX is. it can be a Porno VR headset with a built in One Punch body pillow. It can be a toaster. Heck, it can be the PS4 with the Nintendo logo slapped on.

Unless we get ACTUAL information, these types of opinions are useless. it'll either fail or do good. that's obvious sherlock.

Hate to be rude about it, but NX opinions are getting milked more than the FNAF series. Come on people, we've heard close to every opinion, speculation, and rumour that can possibly exist.



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onionberry said:


Imo, it depends on pricing. I don't consider it being a hybrid just cause it can connect to the TV... By that logic, my smartphone is a hybrid cause I can buy a connector which also lets it connect to a TV. Or my laptop is a desktop when I connect the HDMI to its port... Unless there is a huge performance boost, it's just a handheld with a dock which lets people charge and play it on the TV at the sametime.

And people do buy handhelds and people do buy Nintendo games... It doesn't need to sell 100 million to be considered a success...


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This is like a reverse John Lucas thread. Except it wasn't long enough. OP, can you at least double the length of your Nintendo doom post?

Actually, Tegra X1 is way more powerful than X360.

Please don't ever show that incorrect chart again. You're spreading false information.

So many NX rumours, Nintendo really needs to say something about it, or the speculation/hype cycle is going to hurt them.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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