Nintendo NX to support UE4?

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According to a job listing application. Nintendo is looking to hire software engineers with experience with existing engines, UE4 being the primary example. This isn't the first time we've heard about the Nintendo supporting Unreal Engine 4 for the NX either.


  • BS or MS in related field (MS preferred)
  • Excellent programming skills and knowledge of C
  • Excellent software design, problem solving and debugging skills
  • OpenGL or DirectX programming recommended
  • Familiarity with existing game engines (such as UE4) is a plus


Job listing: https://nintendo.taleo.net/careersection/10000/jobdetail.ftl?job=160000004A&lang=en#.V3KuLnq4KWw.twitter
Source: http://nintendoenthusiast.com/news/new-nintendo-job-position-hints-at-unreal-engine-4-support-for-nx/


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my iphone supports unreal engine 4. but yeah would be cool to see a Nintendo franchise with an external engine like unreal 4

I'd hope so. It's being used more often this gen, is it not?



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If they want FF7R and KH3 on thier console they best do it.

I'm fine with it for third party games but Nintendo should continue to use their own engines on their own games. No need to become a cookie cutter company.

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Technically it's not a console that supports an engine, it's an engine that supports a console.

Also, judging by the given information, there's really not much reason to believe UE4 is going to support NX. UE4 was an example, and game engines share some similarities which mean that being familiar with one engine means you're likely to know the fundamental of other game engines too. More importantly, UE4 uses C++ and not C, which really hints at this not being related to UE4 specifically at all. And considering how DirectX or OpenGL knowledge is also required, it doesn't sounds like it's necessarily related to UE4. I don't think either is strictly needed for UE4, and I'm not sure if they're even very useful. To me, this sounds like Nintendo is hiring to create their own engine.

I'm not saying UE4 won't (or doesn't already) support NX, but I don't think this information supports that claim at all.

I would hope it does otherwise it would be pretty essh worthy.


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Bloodstained uses UE4 and is coming to Wii U so I don't think "support for an engine" is really a huge deal.

Whatever they do, it needs to be able to support third party. Add their own touches in their as Nintendo does, but do not make it so hard to develop for.

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Nice to see people care about the little things.

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