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2016 for sure. That'll be interesting to watch.

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2016. Was 2017 a few months ago but now i think that it has to be 2016

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2016. also keep in mind that Gamesmaster87 not only claims that NX will come out next year, but that during the year there will be a lot of support for Wii U !

Edit: notice that I place my bet on 2016 mostly because of SuperMetalDave's leak, so if only NX portable comes out this year and somehow Nintendo manages to make Zelda U run on it I will consider myself right...

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Probably 2016. With Nintendo you never know.

I actually wrote an article about why the Wii U should be replaced in 2016... the day before NX was announced. So definitely in 2016.

Do I get a grace period of 3 months if I say 2016?