Images of the NX Controller Surfaces!

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now THAT looks real

Another one of that? Really hope this ain't true.

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Looks like a modern PS Vita. lol

No way thats a fake.

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"Unit 2?" Maybe there's - please dear God - two different models of controller here.

This is a terrible terrible mistake waiting to happen otherwise. Either we'll have a Wii resurgence that dies off immediately in software figure or somehow something on par with the Wii U, except with a controller with an even worse appearance and functionality than the GamePad.

There's just no way Nintendo can be this stupid.

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If this is fake it's a contestant for the best fake ever.

Please don't be true (x99999999999999999)

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I really hope its fake.I mean, it could be revolutionary, but by the looks of it, without physical buttons or d-pad, that dosent look good.

Where are the buttons? How are we supposed to play with this?