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Your Favorite Tarantino Movie?

Reservoir Dogs 6 8.11%
Pulp Fiction 34 45.95%
Jackie Brown 1 1.35%
Kill Bill Vol. 1 12 16.22%
Kill Bill Vol. 2 1 1.35%
Deathproof 0 0.00%
Inglorious Basterds 9 12.16%
Django Unchained 7 9.46%
The Hateful Eight 3 4.05%
Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair 1 1.35%

So I just saw The Hateful Eight (it just came out where I live) and I thought it was amazing, as most of Quentin Tarantino's films are. That got me thinking about how I would rank his movies in terms of which I like best. *Note anyone who does not have Pulp Fiction listed as number will be disregarded.

1) Pulp Fiction

2) Inglorious Basterds

3) Reservoir Dogs

4) Django Unchained

5) The Hateful Eight

6) Kill Bill (Vol. 1 over Vol. 2)

7) Deathproof

8) Jackie Brown

I love all the movies and they are all amazing though so the ranking does not really matter. What is your order?


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Difficult question. I'll only rate the ones I've seen.

From "worst" to "best", though I've pretty much liked every movie this man has done:


· Inglorious Bastards

· Kill Bill (just the first one)

· From Dusk till Dawn

· Reservoir Dogs

· The Hateful Eight

· Jackie Brown

Top three are:

· Four Rooms

· Pulp Fiction

· Django Unchained

1. Reservoir Dogs
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Kill Bill
4. Jackie Brown
5. Inglorious Bastards
6. Django Unchained

The ones i've seen:

1. Pulp Fiction - Easily my favorite movie of all time

2. Hateful Eight - This one really surprised me. I wasn't interested in it at all and basically just watched it because of Tarantino. Absolutely worth it!

3. Django Unchained
4. Reservoir Dogs
5. Kill Bill Vol. 1
6. Death Proof

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The best ''Tarantino'' Movie is Lady Snowblood which he shamelessly ripped off

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Ruler said:
The best ''Tarantino'' Movie is Lady Snowblood which he shamelessly ripped off

So just so we're on the same page here paying homage to something is "shamelessly it ripping off" now?

"Quentin Tarantino heavily used this film as an inspiration to Kill Bill. Using the same plot, style, design, setting, characters, and moral. Even during breaks from shooting, Tarantino would even tell his cast and crew to watch Lady Snow Blood to stay in touch with what kind of film they were making."

Seems to me he wasn't ripping it off at all. He's never claimed that the movie wasn't heavily inspired by Lady Snowblood. What more could you ask for?

I've only seen 3, but I do like his work quite a lot.

1. Inglorious Basterds
2. Django Unchained
3. Pulp Fiction

About Pulp Fiction, it's just not my kind of thing. The movie itself is indeed superb, and I recognize that, but it just left me too uncomfortable watching it.

Great topic, I love me some Tarantino!

1) Pulp Fiction

2) Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2

3) Reservoir Dogs

4) Inglorious Basterds

5) Hateful Eight

6) Django Unchained

7) Deathproof

8) Jackie Brown

I'd like to say that even though Jackie Brown is at no 8, it's still a very enjoyable movie.

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RD never liked it


the whole bloody affair is not on the list for obvious reasons

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1. Pulp fiction (Samuel L. Jackson ftw!!!!!!!!!)

2. Django Unchained

3. Inglorious Bastards

4. Kill bill

Those are the only ones I have seen.