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How much do you smoke a day?

1-4 cigs a day 8 6.25%
4- 10 cigs a day 22 17.19%
pack or more a day 14 10.94%
1 e-cig a day 2 1.56%
1 hookah session 5 3.91%
1-3 cigars 0 0.00%
Other post below 77 60.16%
Chazore said:
Teeqoz said:

I don't despise people who smoke, or have ever tried a cigarette. I'd wager very few people feel that way. If people try a cigarette once, okay, more power to them, even though I wouldn't do it. As far as regualr smokers go, I feel sorry for them more than anything, because from what every smoker I know has told me, no aspects of their life are improved by smoking, the only thing keeping them from quitting is because they're addicted. And that sucks pretty hard, because COPD and lung cancer are pretty crappy things.

SOme of my co-workers can't believe I used to smoke and they think it's disgusting and were glad I quit and yet they go drinking every weekend.

I've done my fair share of drinking and partying but as a prime example, drinking is still no better if not worse for some people considering smoking can eventually kill you while getting wasted can lead to a myriad of situations that can involve violence, deaths or general choices you'll end up regretting the enxt day, weeks or months, sometime even years and then of course there are those that drink too much and fuck up their livers which hosptials aren't always in massive supply of and like those that smoke a lot, they aren't so keen and supportive of those that do much of either as they know they are likely to do the same again.

You may as well feel sorry for anyone who consumes too much of any given thing as too much of anything has proven to do us harm in various ways, take chocolate for instance, it tastes nice just like how a cigarette would to a smoker but over the months to years, the more chocolate that a person consumes is fsn't really good for them either, especially for those who become overweight which again isn't a good thing to look at along with how it messes with the person's psyche and the people around them.

For me I am probably one of the few that hardly has much of an addiction to both alcohol and smokes, I did my fair share of partying and drinking back when I was 17-21 but after that I just toned things down to a point where I now only drink when it's Christmas, Boxing and New years day or a wedding of sorts, maybe even a Birthday, with smoking I dropped it because I knew I couldn't go on forever smoking as I would and I know it's bad for you but I also know practically everything else on this planet in certain doses is just as bad.


Trust me, I feel sorry for alcoholics and those that are very overweight as well.

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I don't despise people who smoke (my mother used to smoke), but I hate smoke, especially on cold days with really clear air.
Never smoked myself and never will.

Always been a social smoker (10yrs), never truly addicted. They are great with drinks, and groups, but outside of that, rarely found myself desperate for a cig. And yes I do buy from time to time, so I'm not perceived as a bumming leech lol.

Blouge said:
mornelithe said:

I think the disconnect is that Nicotine can be injested via other means.  It's the smoking itself that is the problem, Nicotine isn't what causes lung cancer.  

True, I think nicotine just causes strokes and heart disease.

False.  The main issue w/ nicotine is it's addicting, thus reinforcing the use of tobacco as a medium for introducing nicotine into your system.  This isn't to say Nicotine has no other side effects, but the biggest issue is its addictive nature.

"In other words, it is the delivery system, not the addictive drug, which is responsible for the vast majority of tobacco-related disease. More detailed information on the effects of nicotine on cardiovascular disease and pregnancy are discussed in the commentaries on other key findings in the section."


pest said:
snyps said:
I did for Twenty years. Stopped five years ago. Top to anyone wanting to stop; permanently remove anyone that smokes from your life. Seeing them do it will make you do it 100% of the time.

that would be quite a lonely existence for me


I hear ya. Just do yourself (and others) a favor then. Don't waste your time trying to stop it won't work and it will only cause pain. 

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I could never. I have to silently hold my breath everytime I pass by someone smoking. Whenever a friend starts smoking I have to stand several feet from them trying not to gag. I've smelt my fair share of smoking devices and I'm sorry to say they smell much worse than fecal matter, garbage, stinky tofu, and regurgitated food.

I am very glad cigarettes was something that never appealed to me. When i went to school grade 1-10 none of the boys in my class smoked, but for some reason almost all the girls did

Nothing to see here, move along

I only smoked occasionally while drinking, maybe 10 packs in my life and the last one was 6 or 7 years ago.

Also tried marijuana a few times, but I didn't like that I couldn't really control my thoughts anymore, lol. And some perceptions were intensified so much that it was unpleasant. But it's kinda fascinating what our sense organs are capable of if you change the chemistry in your brain a little.

Nope. Never have and never will. I have seen firsthand what smoking does to a person after decades of non-stop smoking, so I'm not allured at all to smoke. Not to mention that it's a harmful and costly habit to maintain.

When did you start and how long have you been smoking for?
Probably a year like full time
When do you plan to quit if ever?
Probably not
straights or rollies?
favourite brand?
Malboro Menthol/Sterling fresh
what do friends/family think of your habit?
Mum hates it other don't care
Has your minor drug addiction led to any other drugs?

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