Predict Xenoblade Chronicles X FW of sales in the west. Also global LT.

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Before you post your predictions, here are some facts for you to keep in mind.

1.) The original Xenoblade was released with no advertisment, limited stock (it was Gamestop exclusive only) and managed to sell 930k worldwide.

440k in NA, 250k, 160k in Japan.

2.) Since then, Xenoblade has gotten a huge amount of exposure, from Chuggaconroy's lets play (the first episode has over 1m views), to Shulk being added in Smash and now the fact Xenoblade X is going to be considered the only RPG on the Wii U. (until SMT x FE hits)

3.) Xenoblade X by itself has already gotten more advertisment than the original without TV ads, however, both Europe and NA got TV ads for it.

4.) Xenoblade X has already passed the original games sales physical + digital in Japan.

5.) It's considered the only holiday game/big hitter this year. (outside of Splatoon, which was a surprise for most people)

6.) The install base of the Wii U is small but committed. EX. Mario Kart 8 has a 50% attach rate, whereas Mario Kart Wii has a 30% attatch rate. Smash Bros on the Wii U has about a 30% attach rate WITH a 3DS version, and Smash Bros on the Wii has only a 12% attatch rate. The reason I am putting this in is that userbase does not equal good sales or bad sales. 


So, with all that being said. What are your predicitions?

I'm going to go with about 450k FW for both regions, 270k for NA, 180k for EU.

LT for all regions I'm going to say 1.30m. 

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600k FW in the west
1.3 M. LT global

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Don't know about FW, but I predict 800k lifetime globally.

Thankyou for those interesting facts!

FW (NA&EU): 300k

LT (All Regions): 1.20m

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I think it can do 1M LT.

I am thinking 400k FW.

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I'm thinking 300k FW and 1.5 LT

250k NA + 85k Japan + 120k EU = 455k first week. 1.1 mil lifetime

375k FW in the west, maybe 1.1m LT WW.

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400k FW, 1.5m lifetime.

450k fw
2mil lt