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celador said:
Expecting an X1 victory thanks to Halo and strong preorders for PS4 bundles that were not for release last month.

Should be a big one tonight though, and I'm sure no matter what the result it will remain very civil.

I've just looked 'civil' up in the dictionary and I think you've used the wrong word.


The PS5 Exists. 

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Oh man, this is going to be exciting. This NPD should be huger than any new launch game.

Whoever wins, the entertainment will keep rolling in either way.

Somebody said civil? Like civil war?

What are the chances we will get vita numbers?


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Oh boy, Nintendo Direct at 10 than NPD an hour later?

Tonights gonna be busy!

Burek said:
Roronaa_chan said:
Burek said:

and an even smaller possibility that Assassin's Creed will be #1 (extra platform, 4 extra days, strong 2nd week...).

Unless i'm reading this wrong, VGC has Unity's FW at 600k-700k. Ubi said Syndicate had a weaker first week but better legs so overall should be similar. That's not enough to be #1

I said it's a small possibility. I don't trust VGC software numbers even 1%, they just make those figures up as they see fit.

Fuck off. No, I don't.

I'm happy to accept all sorts of criticism for the software sales since taking them over. It's been a mighty learning curve and I've made plenty of mistakes over the last couple of weeks. You can criticise those mistakes or argue that the extrapoaltions from the samples we receive are well off all you like, but I'm not going to be accused of making the figures up on a whim on our own website. I'm doing my best and hope to improve the accuracy of the figures over time and to make timely adjustments based on official data once I'm given that functionality.

This should be interesting. It's odd that VGC has PS4 winning by like 50k.

Bet with Adamblaziken:

I bet that on launch the Nintendo Switch will have no built in in-game voice chat. He bets that it will. The winner gets six months of avatar control over the other user.

It is going to be quite close. Should be quite interesting for sure!

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Carl2291 said:
Oh boy, Nintendo Direct at 10 than NPD an hour later?

Tonights gonna be busy!