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Makes me so happy to see so many people excited to upgrade to Win10 on day 1, as someone who works in IT support I look forward to being very busy in the coming weeks.

The number of people migrating from perfect OS's into the unknown on Day 1 is fascinating to me, if upgrading from a Home version of 7/8 to windows 10 keep in mind that you are losing the ability to control windows updates completely, if MS want to change your OS you have no say in the matter on Home variants of Win10, just the way that we have a choice right now to migrate from 7/8 > 10, that choice is not going to be a feature of Win10.

My personal advice is not to upgrade until at least the first couple of months to see that there isn't any massive flaws in the OS which will pop up after main stream launch, Could be the best OS to ever exist, but you don't want to be the first ones in the door to find out it isn't if you are running a perfect OS right now.

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Why wait, get it right now

Do I have a choice? Paranoid as always I was checking the process list last night because my HDD was suspiciously busy. GWX.exe was new and running, seems my PC decided to start downloading windows 10 already.

I'll wait a couple of months or year anyway. Current OS works fine, don't fix what's not broken.

On my Windows 8 machines yes, on my Windows 7 machines no. Mostly because of the age of my Windows 7 machines, though also partly because my view of Windows 7 is that it ain't broke so why fix it.

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Signed up but wont update on day 1.


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Mr_No said:
Soonerman said:
I'm doing Preview for Windows 10 and it's definitely solid as hell. Love it and definitely upgrading. Also, whoever said it deletes all your stuff, that's a lie.

I hope you are right. I'm pretty tech saavy but I've had bad experiences in the past by losing data, so when I've heard that it was required to backup, I kinda stepped back. I am excited for Windows 10, but I'll wait a week or two to see how things go.

They asked people in the early stages of Preview to backup their files because it did use to delete your files. As it has gone through it's evolution that stopped happening. I have two PCs and I kept Windows 8 on my touch laptop until it was stable enough. All the recent upgrades have not deleted files and when I upgraded my second PC to the Preview version of Windows 10 it kept all the files intact. As many have said, this version runs way better. I'm sure there will be plenty of apps and software that will need updates to run with Windows 10 smoothly but as it stands right now, Windows 10 is looking to really be the best Windows OS ever. Feel free to wait a little before upgrade, just remember that you have 1 year for the free upgrade. 

You betcha! Cant wait to finally get of windows 7.

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I just here waiting for Windows 9

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Absolutely! I am currently using Windows 8.1, and I do love it, but Windows 10 is looking to blow it out of the water! And it's free! Not to mention that it virtually guarantees that my computer will be supported far longer than the harder will last.

I'm even having a launch party at my house on the 29th!

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yes, simply because i'm tired of the windows 7 boot up time...