PS4 has done what Wii never could - hit 50% marketshare!

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Ninsect said:


With ioi updating the hardware sales to mid-May in one sweep we now can see PS4 holding the majority of the market. One console hasn't dominated like that since PS2, I believe. Wii managed to hit ~49.5% at most iirc.

I think the Wii was still more impressive considering that every console that generation was doing well.

Delicious, delicious games.

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i dont get why people are saying that ps4 doesnt have real competition.

the wiiu launched 1 year earlier much like what the 360 did tk get a head start.
the xbone sold a million units when it launched much like the ps4 did and was poised to give tne ps4 a run for its money.

but somewhere between then and now, the general public made its choice and that choice was the ps4. its not that competition sucked but that sony ws able to grab the best public perception among the three.

the general and majority gaming puclic doesnt have brand loyalty. they go where the general and majoriy opionon says it should gol...you know, like sheeps...

like, hey, new diner with awesome food! yeah! lets all go!
or..hey, its a damn great movie! yeah! lets all watch... age of ultron comes to mind...
with the ps4...hey, its dabest, strongest one outb thee with the best games! yeah lets all buy it.

and with that, the one and u are royaly screwed.

at current price point its selling well..imagine what will happen if it gets a price cut...

super6646 said:
Blood_Tears said:
But but the holiday's....the 1st party games....globally in the US! 50+% market share is what happens when you're a global gaming brand and not just US & UK.

What do you mean? Microsoft tried for 2 gens to break into the mainland European markets and Japan, and haven't done well. Its not Microsoft's fault for that.

..and the 360 sold very well in Europe which could've been a great foundation for further growth with the XB1.

With the XB1 though MS has done some weird things that have alienated a lot of European fans including very late launch (in some countries, including mine, the XB1 officially launched September 2, 2014 almost a year after the original NA launch), clearly low priority (they refer to Europe as "Tier 2") and features exclusive to NA (majority of apps, tv functionality, etc.).

Additionally, a lot of Europeans were put off by the requirement of Kinect that would record your reactions to commercials and sell them as information to companies and especially German consumers (the people that values privacy the most) were not comfortable with Kinect and Xbox One after the NSA leaks revealing NSA's backdoors in all of Microsoft's products.

Regarding rest of the world before the 180 MS never intended that the XB1 should work outside a few key countries so it almost seems like MS chooses not to sell well in these parts of the world.

    zippy said:
    Ka-pi96 said:
    zippy said:
    Congrats to PS4 its an incredible system, however this achievement against the Wii is slightly tarnished due to the fact that the PS4 doesnt have the same level of competition Wii had.

    Well that's not really the PS4s fault.

    Certainly not, the PS4 totally deserves its victory I love mine. However it would have been nice if Nintendo and Microsoft hadn't self destructed and made more of a fight of it this gen. The level of competition on both home consoles and handhelds last gen was superb, 3DS fully deserves its victory, but ut would have been nice to see a more competitive Vita.

    Yeah, I can agree with that. Definitely would have been nice to see some more competition. Would make the charts more interesting as well, wondering who won each week. And of course it would be great for gamers!

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    This is good, but PS4 might not retain this marketshare till the end of the year, as Halo 5, Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Xenoblade Chronicles X, as well as holiday deals for XB1 and Wii U will make it tough for the PS4, unless Sony releases God Of War IV this year.

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    BraLoD said:
    darkenergy said:

    Yeah Xbox One doesn't deserve anything even thought it offers better multiplayer, games with better score, or games that value gameplay than cutscenes/interactive movies, totally undeserved by Xbox One.

    I think you couldn't do a post more wrong than this one, I'm sorry to say that.

    Why does it offers better multiplayer? PS4 games sell better so they have larger online communities to play with. And if that was about the attacks we kept having last year, being the one everyone looks to makes it a fav target, but the hackers themselves said when they also took the live down with the ddos attack that it was a lot easier to take down the Live than the PSN. Either way this will be subjective so neither me nor you will actually prove a better one here.

    Why does it has the best scores? Feel free to show me an XBO exclusive scoring over Bloodborne.

    And the last statement must be pure trolling, 'cause I really hope you don't buy that ridiculous made up thing.

    It's ok to like the XBO better, but come on, be reasonable when you make your posts so they won't end up like this one, it makes you seem a kind of people I don't think you would like to be.

    I don't think you are understanding.

    It isn't about hacking or who's online is more secure on Xbox or Playstation. I am talking about video games and what it offers.

    Some of the games on PS4 are noticeably lower than Xbox One I never said it X1 has the highest rated games. One game(Bloodbourne) doesn't suddenly make other games low scores disappear.

    My last statement is pure trolling? Could you say something else rather than using the word trolling, or give an explanation on why it's ridiculous or made up. You do realise that the PlayStation is known for their games that have graphics rather than gameplay , right? Games like the Order 1886 which has the visuals scored very low because how it lacks gameplay and focus on cutscenes. That game had so many that it's laughable and what the critics are pointing out, the Order 1886 just may well made the PlayStation more associated with cutscenes/movies more than ever so that I am not making up anything.

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    What did the Wii do to you? PS4 has 50%, thats pretty cool. The Wii jab was uncalled for though.

    ikki5 said:
    ArchangelMadzz said:

    Wait, what's false?

    Saying the PS4 has 50% of the marketshare as the marketshare in gaming is more than just those three consoles. Home Console Marketshare =/= Marketshare. The marketshare the TC is wanting to talk about is the home console marketshare, a single group in the entire marketshare which is where his fallacy is. he never defined exactly which marketshare it is and instead just labelled it "marketshare". I know its picky but it is stuff like this that skews data which give people gounds to argue something that is not entirly true regardless if it is for gaming or not.

    If you want the bigger picture of gaming revenue, here it is:

    Nem said:
    What did the Wii do to you? PS4 has 50%, thats pretty cool. The Wii jab was uncalled for though.

    Jab? Its a sales milestone comparison. Nothing else.

    gratulation ps4. that is awesome!

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