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ClassicGamingWizzz said:


Ofcourse it is.

Remember, great review scores only apply when a they support fanboy arguments lol. Just kidding. Don't hate me lol

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vivster said:
All these critics giving it a 10/10 and including it in their GOTG lists are idiots.

But I would still like to know your suggestions for a "real" GOTG.

At this moment, I think Dark Souls or Bioshock Infinite have my vote.

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KyleeStrutt said:
Serious_frusting said:
I wont get upset over your opinion.

For example I played both borderlands and bioshock. I did not finish those games. I disliked them almost as much as GTA4. For the record I love mario. Just not enough to pay hundreds of pounds on a console for it. I cant ruen down a gritty zelda game though. mmmmmm

What does this post mean.

Some things are just best left alone...

For me personally it was the best game of last gen :p On the basis of just the campaign i'd have ranked it third behind Steins;Gate and Portal 2, but to my surprise the MP ended up being incredibly fun. Turned what would otherwise have been 30 - 40 hours of SP shenanigans (additional completionist run included), into a 100+ hours of play.

KLXVER said:
KyleeStrutt said:

What does this post mean.

Some things are just best left alone...

KL dont be so rude.


What part Kyle? Reading it back does seem off beat. I have been talking Italian all day because some older fam that was visiting refuse to speak English to me when we are together. It f#cks up my English skills for the next few hours at least. :(

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Gameplay wise, it felt really slow, which I didn't like in the beginning.  But it grew on me, and now gameplay wise, it's one of my favorites.  

Story wise, as far as games go, it's my absolute favorite story.  There are certainly better stories in other media, but games alone.  The characters are my favorite in any media.

Sound is great, though the music is not memorable.  That's okay though.  The music is good enough to accent the presentation well, but not good enough that I'd listen to it after I played.  

Overall, one of my favorite games.  

Mirson said:

As for the AI, it's kind of dumb at times. In one occasion, a soldier saw me choking one of his buddies, and he runs back and takes cover. This action gave me enough time to sneak into the adjacent room, go around and get behind him, giving me the chance to kill him.

Enemy AI gets incredibly strange when you have an AI parter. I've had situations where my AI partner would walk into the enemy and push them aside and they wouldn't even notice. While it would be incredibly annoying if your stupid AI could get you caught, I wish ND had found a more elegant solution.

I would more or less agree; it's a very well made and enjoyable game, but I wouldn't even call it the best game of 2013.

Skullwaker said:
Faust said:
 isnt meant to be fun 

...What? Was I supposed to have a bad time while playing?

should i assume that you only watch action/comedies movies when you go to the theater, and know nothing about other genres?

Oh man, you are a bold man for making this thread, but props to you for your guts. ; )

I agree too. I played it to the end, and thought it was a solidly made game, but I thought it was alright. It`s well made with great settings and character models. The story is good too, but nothing new or too special. Certain parts were sad, but predictable, and I couldn`t find myself being too sad in the beginning. When you know they girl is not in the main game, it`s safe to assume she`ll meet a terrible fate. I guess it felt too forced for me. It does have some good interesting mechanics though. The gameplay is good too, but doesn`t feel new or revolutionary.

Good game, but I don`t think it`s the best. I actually preferred The Walking Dead Season 1 over The Last of Us.



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