When is the Last Time you felt like you played something Truly New and Innovative?

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my first motion controlled game: wii sports

prior to that my first 3D game: zelda ocarina of time

people complaining today that there is no innovation don't have a fucking clue what innovation is. they'll list the ps2 as an amazing console even though it was entirely un-innovative and then hate on the wii which is the only real innovative console in the last 10 years.

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Most recent: Life is Strange

Which released on consoles within the last month or so, but I just got to it in last couple of days. New and Innovative are not as rare as you think.

Turkish said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:
Turkish said:

which one and how so?

I do not understand the, "which one" question...

"How so" is a little easier. Thee amount of control you have is unrivaled in any sports game before it. It was unreal to have the ball and move other players where you want or to defend using four or five guys at once. It was a RTS sports title. It was innovative as hell. I was praying a basketball game would use these controls, or a hockey game. Thee amount of thinking was revolutionary. You had to train your brain to unlearn depending on A.I. for anything and when you scored it was an accomplishment, and when you failed, it was all your blame. The game was truly innovative and revolutionary.

with "which one" I meant which PES title, do they all control like that? Might get pes 09 with Jesus like Messi on cover, even though PES was terrible the entire last gen. PES 15 is amazing though.

It does not matter which one you get. I recommend 2010 and later only because they seemed to stop making huge leaps after the 2010 version plus it added classic controller support in case you cannot wrap your head around the RTS controls.

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The Codename Steam demo and before that Zombi U and Skyward Sword.

Ni No Kuni

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The Wonderful 101. That game was very creative and one of the best this generation I believe. The other one I feel that will be pretty new is Splatoon. But let us wait and see on that one.

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A year ago when I played Brothas: A Tale of Two Sons.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Honestly I think in terms of gameplay it has been awhile, might say Witcher for RPG genre. That is the original witcher.

In terms of story telling I would really say Last of Us. Only because I think gaming in general does a really poor job of cinematic story telling for serious tone. We are fine when it comes to a tone of adventure, action, and sometimes comedy.

Indie games are good at telling a serious story, it just isn't cinematic. (Like the guy above me, posted a perfect example of how indies can be good at doing a serious tone.)


I think the last games where I thought "wow, this feels different, how come no one had this idea before" were Portal and Mark of the Ninja.

Of course, that's not to say those were the last games to impress me, hell no. But I think they were the last ones that, to me, felt truly different. All other great games are fantastic because they effectively mash a bunch of elements we've already seen before.

On an industry this old, it's extremely hard to come up with brand new, innovative ideas, so I find very unfair when people complain about "the lack of innovation".

Since the shift to 3D, games are about being evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Zombi U, Wonderful 101, Lego City Undercover and Nintendoland all on Wii U. Apart from obvious gamepad features, Zombi U is a throwback to the classic survival horror games, only this time you can track down your zombified self to collect your supplies, a great feature. Wonderful 101 is a breath of fresh air, unlike anything ive played in 30 years of gaming and features some unique gamepad usage, the bosses are also very innovative. Nintendoland is the best example of what can be done with the gamepad,and has some very clever mini games, hugely underrated game. Finally Lego City undercover, which is a Lego game that is based on the toy range instead of movie licences, it is GTA Lego style what's not to like. Lego City has nice gamepad functions, a massive open Lego World and tons of humour, deffo one of the underrated gems of 2013.