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Do third party games not sell well? Well Bayo 2 is at nearly 600K (with digital sales probably a bit above), Hyrule Warriors is one of the best selling Warriors games of all time, Rayman Legends sold around the same as the other 2 consoles (less than Bayo 2 I might add) on Wii U.

Or are we talking about COD or other 3rd party games that were half assed and known not to have DLC, parts of the game included on other versions, or special editions. No, those don't sell well on the Wii U.

As for new Nintendo IPs we have Wonderful 101, Xenoblade (I know X is the second one, but come on it's still pretty fresh due to most of us not seeing XC until 2011/2012), and Splatoon. Not to mention Project Guard and Project Giant Robo.

A few of your points seem to be a bit off.

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Takes a long hard look at all my friends that are hardcore Nintendo fans,

Looks at their Gamecube, N64, Wii & Wii-U game collection............

See's 90% Of their collection being Nintendo 1st party games.

Agrees with post 100%.

"A failure by Nintendo sale standards"...  Seems like typical sales numbers to me. Should be in the N64 and gamecube range.

I say this as a pretty big Nintendo fan.  It's not my fault that I'd rather play PS4 most of the time. Nintendo needs to replace what PS4 and Xbox one does in order for me to play my wiiu for more than exclusives. There would need to be wiicheivements, all the online features, and similar power. It's not my fault nah mean?

Core Nintendo fans are the ones buying the system, I wouldn't blame them. The problem lies with Nintendo's strategy. They wanted to bring third parties on board and failed, so in the end you get a machine that is only good for playing Nintendo games. The portion of the market that is interested in playing exclusively Nintendo games, as you can see is very small.

How do you solve it? You don't change those hardcore Nintendo fans. You change your target, you try to aim for other kind of people. And that's something that Nintendo has to do! In short... it's Nintendo's fault!

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

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I believe that nintendo is too out of touch with the gaming community to make quality new IP's and make money off of them.

So its my fault now? Ok then...sorry Nintendo.

RuRo said:

I don't see how blaming Nintendo is "just an excuse" when it is their decisions (along with the market, competition and things outside their control) that led to them being in the position they are just now. Hardcore Nintendo fans are "to blame" for the current Wii U situation only in that they are "to blame" for the Wii U still being alive at all - without big Nintendo fans the Wii U would likely have had such low sales that Nintendo would have been forced to abandon it and move onto the next thing (whether that's another console rushed out after Wii U, becoming handheld only, etc.).

There is something to be said for the idea of putting your money where your mouth is ("If you complain about not getting new IPs, then buy new IPs when they come out") but you have overshot the legitimate point by trying to be too controversial and attention seeking.

You're right and I agree. In the end, it is still Nintendo's fault. After all, Nintendo is the business and they don't have to listen to their fans. Let me put it another way, the fans certainly aren't helping any.

I am a big supporter of new IP's actually. Even if it's from a genre I don't care for, the game will get some attention from me for being new. You have to at least give me some credit, after all, I even bought uDraw & Steel Diver

I'm not going to even address the personal attack much. You don't know me and I don't know you so no point

No, we core Nintendo gamers are not to blame.

Nintendo is, I buy the games I want and not because Nintendo made them.

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I buy 3rd party games when there's good reason to do so.

I bought Sonic Racing Transformed for the 5-player local splitscreen with the Gamepad.

I bought Black Ops II and Ghosts for the Wiimote + Nunchuk support.

I bought Rayman Legends cos it was the definitive version.

I'm not a charity, 3rd parties have to earn my money.