Amazon UK community vote PS2 as best console ever; PS1 in second place

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  • PS3 beat Xbox One
  • PC was 9 votes away from making it to the knockout round
  • For some reason people think PS2 was better than Wii U - Cant understand why
  • But at least Wii U made it further than PC; Wii U master race 
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By the way if that amazon link is a referal link, (i dunno) can someone tell me so I can change it to a non-referal link

Blimmen twitter and there referal links

Cant argue that, none can.

Weird they use the Wii Mini for the icon. I personally don't agree with this though. Just for the random pair ups. Atari 2600 with PS4? The fuck? And if you're going that far back. Why exclude the other consoles.

I am really, honestly surprised that the SNES beat the Xbox 360.

Would have expected it to be a PS2 vs 360 final.

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That would be my objective ranking, so I agree.

However, my subjective ranking would have the PS1 in first place. It had a lot less good games but more great games.

However, Atari 2600 should have beaten the PS4 in the opening round and the PS2 against the Wii U was almost cruel.

Nice to see people still appreciate SNES over 360 instead of having short term memories. Also somewhat surprising to see NES lose to Genesis.

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Good list that I generally agree with. I don't think you can add the ps4 because we're so early in this generation. Not even a year since release yet!

I'm SNES-PSX type of guy, so a bit disappointed that either of those were not number 1.