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With the official reveal of Pokken Fighters Tournament, it seems to me like Nintendo could "Twilight Princess" Zelda U without really leaving a hole in their lineup. 

Hypothetical lineup:

Jan - Nada

Feb - Mario Party 10

Mar - Yoshi’s Wooly World

Apr - Fatal Frame V

May - Mario Maker

June - Splatoon

July - Xenoblade X

August - Kirby Rainbow Curse

September - Devil’s Third

October - Super Mario 3D All-Stars or Mario Galaxy 1/2 HD 

November - Pokken Fighters Tournament w/Amiibo Toys

December - Star Fox U 

2015 is fairly full as is, I did add a Mario Collection as an HD remaster, but I think that is really going to happen. 

I also think a Mario Kart 8 Expansion could be coming in 2015 as well (ala New Super Luigi U for NSMBU). 

So lets say Zelda U is pushed into spring 2016 ... I think this is right around the time Nintendo's next handheld (start of the Fusion line) will be. 

If the handheld is powerful enough to handle Wii U engines ... well you can see where this is probably going. I can see a dual release happening, Zelda for Wii U + Nintendo Fusion handheld in spring 2016, just like what happened with Twilight Princess. Would probably boost sales of the game by an easy extra 1-2 million units. 

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Jan has Captain Toad for EU.

Dec/Nov WILL have Zelda plus whatever else they reveal at e3.

Pokken will likely come in 2016 seeing as the Tekkens get released on consoles at LEAST 1 year after they are on arcades.

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I wouldn't doubt it.. Open World Zelda that looks this beautiful = delayed till forever


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I legitimately thought this was a Pavolink thread.

I think Pokken Tournament won't launch until 2016 in the west.

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It wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if it fell back to 2016

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Zelda isn't a spring game. It's always released on holidays so if it is delayed to 2016, it's likely going to be holiday 2016.

That said, there IS a hole in that 2015 lineup. There's no big system-seller there. They need to have something to push consoles near the holidays, and Zelda is that game - sure, there's several games that could spark some interest, such as Splatoon, Star Fox, Xenoblade, etc... but it's lacking a real system-seller kind of game.

To be honest I think Pokken makes more sense for the holidays than Zelda does.

It can be Nintendo's 2nd "big" Amiibo focused title and usher in a new wave of Amiibo toys.

Zelda can sell to Zelda fans like when ever.

Soundwave said:
To be honest I think Pokken makes more sense for the holidays than Zelda does.

It can be Nintendo's 2nd "big" Amiibo focused title and usher in a new wave of Amiibo toys.

Zelda can sell to Zelda fans like when ever.

Yeah, maybe... But I just can't see a Pokémon spin-off as their big holiday game.

Wait so you think because there is 11/12 games releasing in 2015 that means LoZ U is being pushed back?

So are you going to push back another game if we have another confirmed for 2015? How about FE x SMT? im sure there are plenty others that are unnannounced. Reasoning is invalid for this argument

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It looks beautiful and looks like a very large game. I think it won't come out until 2017. I think they'll remaster another Zelda game before it releases to keep us satisfied.

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