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500k lifetime I suspect. Actually, I'll get it so make that 500,001...

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reggin_bolas said:

Quick query and forgive my ignorance kind Nintendoists but who the heck will buy this game? You have a sequel whose predecessor was released on two different platforms, and whose current audience comprises mainly of Nintendo fantasts (early adopters who only buy Nintendo first party titles) who most likely never played the first one. 

Is this the worst third-party acquisition of all time? Sure sounds like it. 

To bad Square Enix was failing hard on PS1 because all of the previous games were on SNES right?

And btw.
People dont only buy first party games if that would be the case Wii Music would be a hit etc. It has to be a good game with enough marketing and actual effort put into it. Missing game features or 25fps etc is a joke. If the game is good and has enough  marketing ti will be bought at least to some extend. Also  japanese games do better than western games for the most part because of all the crap that was made by western studios and how they treat Nintendo customers.  Nintendo customers are pretty unforgiving/vindictive towards studios that deliver subpar experiences/burn them.
 If a Nintendo game is crap like Yoshis New Island people wont buy it as simple as that. I mean Kid Icarus can be considered a new franchise because 80% or so dont even remember the first games and yet it sold twice as much as the new Yoshi game even tho everyone knows Yoshi. Word of mouth FTW!

I for example do not buy a single western game anymore unless its a first party game on Sony / MS or Nintendo systems and unless it gets at least 85% on metacritic. Also I wait for discounts.
Third party is usually not worth the 60 when the next game is out in less than 12 months. Thats why I buy all my third party games on steam for 5€ each on steam sales. My consoles are purely first/second party or third party exclusive (but only discounted third party games are bought)

toastboy44562 said:
Not many people will want it on the Wii U thats for sure. Some people will buy it because its published by Nintendo not because its their cup of tea. I say 150k first week, 500k lifetime

Bayonetta 2 will sell 150,000 first week only in USA...

skunkfish said:
500k lifetime I suspect. Actually, I'll get it so make that 500,001...

If it only sold one copy, it's ours to lose.  It will sell a lot more then that though.  Word of mouth alone will sell 500,000 copies.  

The game now comes bundled with the original game, which makes it a more viable option.

In my personal opinion, the game is getting hyped due to the fact that MS and PS fans are gonna miss out on it (Yes, we all know the game was not possible without nintendo) The game itself looks good though, judging from the first one.

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people who enjoy over the top action and character driven games is the intended audience. I have it pre-ordered and payed off. The fact that the first one comes with it is pretty huge. Missed the 1st one? get it free! I did miss the first one due to horrible reviews of load times on the ps3. I can't wait for October to roll around.

I sure will. Bayo 1 is the best hack n slash game thus far. I hope this one will top it.

And I'm sure more people will pick it up now since the first one is included with added content.

My Wii U's sole purpose was for Bayonetta 2!!

*raises hand*

The addition of the original Bayonetta game sold me. Looking forward to it. ^_^

when i get wii u next years i will.