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(First off, if this has already been discussed, my bad. I searched but didn't see anything)


Because we develop [Far Cry] on the PC, you’ve never really seen on console the ultra-high PC version before,” said Mr. Hutchinson, “So even out of the box, even day one, we just stuck the code on the new consoles and we were able to dial it all the way up. So as a console player you’re already getting by far the best version we can ship.”


There are a few web articles on this, like this link:




Ubisoft just dropped majorly in my preference. Maybe lower than EA. What are your thoughts on this? I've always felt Ubisoft butchered any PC releases they made, and released sub-par ports, but I'd be interested in the rest of the community's views. I haven't played Watch Dogs yet.





Frostbite 3 dev's comments on Ubisoft's making Far Cry 4 the same across platforms.



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Love it! Stable framerate and great looking game on PS4 confirmed!

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They dont have any amazing looking E3 2012 PC footage for us to compare it to so I guess its fine

Gimped PC version confirmed.

I think Ubisoft is quickly heading towards one of the most hated gaming companys.


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It's gonna look great on pc regardless. But people will still want more.

Well if it ends up looking like it did when it was shown at E3, then yeah it'll look great. I have my doubts though.

Ah yes! So the best way to prove that consoles are not mid-ranged gaming PCs is to have gimped PC ports with zero effort! How wonderful... Either that or the next time we will hear about Far Cry 4 is its downgrade trailer


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While PCs can get far more powerful than the current gen consoles, it's funny hearing about getting gimped PC ports because of the consoles. PCs are more powerful, but I hardly doubt the Ubisoft downgrade is because the consoles couldn't handle it. The consoles probably could handle it, but they probably were running out of time and decided to downgrade it for all three systems to get a more stable framerate on everything.

This is the first year of the consoles launches. Games are going to get better looking in the future. Compare Saints Row to Saints Row the Third, Uncharted to the Last of Us, Crackdown to Infamous 2, and GTA4 to GTA5. As developers get comfortable with the hardware, the games will look better.

The Xbox One ran at almost a stable 30fps and looked almost the same as the PS4 version.  So there's no reaason the PS4 shouldn't have also been able to run the old graphics especially when we've been hearing reports that the framerate dip is only 1fps for most people.

Just seems better to make more complete use of the hardware. Even Frostbite 3 developers seem to agree: