That was NOT Link in the Zelda U teaser!

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They renamed him Rink since they don't use L's that much.

It's Link

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It was a girl.

It's FemLink

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Of course it wasn't Link... It was obviously Zelda


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Must be Link.

No point speculating anyway right now.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Carl2291 said:

Its gonna happen.


Tsubasa Ozora

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The trailer got me thinking.... what if the new Zelda game didn't have a sword? That bow that Link was using in the trailer seemed to transform into different kinds of arrows... that would totally suck... but then again it's Aonuma who is in charge....

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But he didn't have boobs lol.

Well, this is new.


No, that was still probably Link because he looks exactly like Link. With his Wind Waker style pyjama's instead of the green tunic. Wouldn't be too strange as you start out with different clothes in multiple games.

It could easily be Link's daughter, no one claimed it was the game's protagonist either...

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