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I'm annoyed how similar it looks to Skyward sword, but so excited that it isn't realistic. Good show. I also hope there is a choice between male and female Link, but I don't mind wither way.

Well, this is new.


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Real time or cgi?

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That art style. I love it.

BenVTrigger said:
This looks mind blowing

Yes, most excited about the OPEN WORLD!


Massive open world without loading!?
Amazing artstyle in HD!?
Link being boss as fuck!?


Thank God I bought my Wii U discounted before it went back up.

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Very, very pretty. Now to see gameplay: I hope the world isn't mostly empty

Would like to see more resolution but still a nice looking Zelda. I assume it will be holiday 2015 so they have time to improve visuals. 2015 can't come soon enough.

Did they make Link a girl in this? Looks more feminine than usual. Not saying this as an insult btw.

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Its not realistic but you know what..... It actually looks amazing!!
Still wanting a darker Zelda at some point but im suprisingly not at all dissapointed by this art style.

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