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What would you rather have?

Gran Turismo 7
Project Cars
lol screw racers











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Where are the hookers you promised?

Congrats on your new position Gooch. I think you'll make an excellent leader.

My heart is not in it anymore

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I <3 ps3! There! Now I fit in!

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A new era has arrived...
Best of luck!

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Angelus said:
Where are the hookers you promised?

Yep, you definitely need those hookers and blackjack. And cookies. 

Anyone want to fill me in here? What exactly happened to the last PS Nation thread?

Had a bet with eFKac on whether or not Valve will be at Sony's E3: I lost.

i was impressed with the original infamous

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Angelus said:
Where are the hookers you promised?

You need to bring money first, homie!