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Thoughts on PGW?

It was great
The crowd was terrible.

ReimTime said:


-Star Wars Battlefront will run at 60FPS on PS4, except in split screen, where it will be 30FPS. There will be a gameplay reveal June 15th at E3

-Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will be released October 13th. Here is the announcement trailer.

-Ubisoft has added 17 titles to PS Now; including AC2, FC3, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

-You guys have obviously seen NPD results so I'll just link them.

-ESO does not have a one use CD key. You can buy it used and it will still work.

-For those who care, there will be a Rock Band 4 gameplay reveal on Twitch 3PM EST this Friday.

-And for Vita (so I don't leave it out), Mighty No. 9 has been listed for physical release.

-Deals: Pretty good deal on US Amazon: PS4 + The Order Collector's Edition + TLOUR for $399. Found the MGS Legacy Collection for $20 (PS3). Newegg is selling refurbished 60GB PS2 backwards compatible PS3s for $150. Kinda old but here are the European PS Store discounts for this week.

-I've seen reports of plenty of deals in Canada for PS4 games coming up this weekend. EBGames has Bloodborne, The Order, Driveclub, and LBP3 at $40. Their site lists more deals. Walmart also has a few, including DA:I and FC4 for $40 each. Although this is based on other users' comments. The sites don't seem to mention sales. Perhaps the sites will update. I'd recommend checking it out for yourself every now and then.

For everything else there is a thread for it somewhere lol.

Dragon Quest Heros coming to the west














Games are Cats!!! Games are dogs!!!

a list with every PlayStation Studio and games published by SCEE.

Here's a list of 2015 PS games.

A lot of games here


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Where are the hookers you promised?

Congrats on your new position Gooch. I think you'll make an excellent leader.

My heart is not in it anymore

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I <3 ps3! There! Now I fit in!


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A new era has arrived...
Best of luck!

Angelus said:
Where are the hookers you promised?

Yep, you definitely need those hookers and blackjack. And cookies. 

Anyone want to fill me in here? What exactly happened to the last PS Nation thread?

DirtyP2002 criticizing Sony:

The PS4 is your console if you are into Indies and Free2Play games. AAA is not their strength. 

i was impressed with the original infamous

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Angelus said:
Where are the hookers you promised?

You need to bring money first, homie!

"When you fall off your get right back on and eat that horse!"-Goku