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Best Uncharted Game

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 43 4.75%
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 486 53.64%
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 353 38.96%
Uncharted: Golden Abyss 23 2.54%

Uncharted 2, 3, GA, then 1

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I would say uncharted 2 was my favourite game in terms of story and things like that. But you cant deny the fact that uncharted 3 had better gameplay and better graphics.

Uncharted 2 obviously

Sure i will play it i can get it at gamestop for $7.

Said if before saying it again.

1 is the best. Felt fresh. Still liked 2 a lot. 3 wasn't great, parts of it were awful.

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Zadainie said:

I never played Uncharted 3.But from what i heard it is nothing compared to the second entry.I had a blast playing the first one and I have played the second one also. It is truly a masterpiece.

For me, it's not really that Uncharted 3 is bad or something, it's more that it brings really nothing, and seems like a complete copy of the 2, with mostly the same twist, the same scenes, the same style and gameplay... So playing the same but not as good game after just 1 year was very disapointing. But I have a friend that played Uncharted 3 then 2 and that had exactly the same impression. I think the 2 episode are just too similar too be played in a short interval.

I really loved the first episode, was really into the story, loved the attention to details, was surprised by the twist. And then the 2nd episode... it's just like starwars, you love the episode 4, and it seems to be perfect, but then come the 5, and it's deeper, richer, the dialogues are better, the scenes are so great, it's so good than the previous episode feel cheap as a draft in comparison.

I liked Uncharted 3 better, but it barely wins over Uncharted 2 imo.

As someone mentioned earlier, the melee was a step up. The melee in Uncharted 2 is square until they counter, then hit triangle to get out of their counter, then continue hitting square while the melee in Uncharted 3 square for attack, triangle to counter, o to grab or get out of grab. The melee only scenes were some of the best parts in the game, especially with the predetermined events like hit someone with a beer bottle, throw them out of a window, hit them with a fish,etc.

I also like the progression of the third game better and the areas are overall better, though Nepal and the train are the two best sections in the entire series imo. I thought the chase scenes were really cool and there's really no areas in the third game that I didn't like. The ship graveyard and the cruise liner was the best area in Uncharted 3 though imo.

Uncharted 2 > 3 > 1

I treat Uncharted like I treat Nolan's Batman trilogy. The 1st was great as it was new and fresh, and it introduced people to the world the developer/director was trying to suck you into. Then the 2nd just blew everything out the water in every way. Now, expectations being set extremely high puts the 3rd at a disadvantage. It'd be really hard to raise the bar after the 2nd entry, and so, the 3rd didn't do as well, but only because our expectations were sky high. The 3rd did its job and was overall better than the 1st. But the 2nd is miles and away the best.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves hit all the right notes: story, gameplay, characters, setting, pacing, final fight. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception still had awesome scenery and gameplay but it had pacing problems (the intro, that f'ing desert) and while the melee combat was indeed better than Uncharted 2, it was still crap and it was forced down your throat which I didn't appreciate. Also, the final fight between QTEs was disappointing. To finish on a positive note, I absolutely loved UC3's co-op multiplayer maps.

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