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I was wrong about Sony sorry. Thej are not doomed thej can still sell more buildings.

See her:


Man good to see then the guys have more buildings to sell .

People they hate in the Internet thej have all small pe.....

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Sony could always rely on their strong first party buildings.

Project GATSOOMGPCAPISE is finished. 2k well spent.

jes thej have lots of propertj that thej can use to jield some short term cash inyections, but in the long run thej will probablj have no other waj but to cut off the unprofitable divisions, which thej have a lot, it's verj likelj thej will quit the traditional home electronic business all together and focusing onlj on gaming and digital publishing.


You are right. Thej aren't doomed. They are doomed!

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thej r gud compani they can't bankrupt... ! god boy sony

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Squeezol said:
thej r gud compani they can't bankrupt... ! god boy sony

You mispelled companj

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I hope thej can fix their problems.


that's one reason to have so many buildings as you can always sell them so it looks that you are making a profit although in Sony's case it is not always enough

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Welp it looks like Sonj is doomed. I should just go sell mj PS4 now.

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He spells "they" right ONCE!! and it's in his sig then 4 words later he spells it wrong again.