Gamespot gives a 6/10 to DKC: Tropical Freeze

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It's impossible for everyone to like a game, It's been getting solid reviews across the board so far apart from this.

The fuck

gamespots been reviewing harsher lately and using the scoring system to its full extent... (I don't necessarily like the last of US) They gave the last of us an 8 though,

GTAV-8 and a 9
Batman a 6
FF:LR a 5
KZ 7
Knack a 4.
Bioshock Infinite: A 9 and 4
Rekoil a 3

which I applaud, though some of their reviews aren't very good.
And a lot of times they don't understand game mechanics, Which I don't applaud. 

Ha, Gamespot giving a low score to a game that's getting solid reviews from everyone else. That's something new.

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Kinda seems like clickbait =(

Another thread for the anti Wii U brigade to pick at. I have it on pre order and im willing to bet that its a very good game.

I'm just curious if their reasoning has solid basis....

probably tom mcshea - never liked him as a reviewer and his preview doesn't instill confidence that he liked the game.

I am not perturbed if this is indeed the score, because gamespot has become less and less relevant to me in the last few years.

Do you think the metascore will be similar?

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