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So after frequenting the forums for over three years now I finally reached 50 posts and am now able to create threads.  Don't worry, you probably won't see many from me.  I have been thinking for this for some time now and I believe that Second Son will sell more copies on the PS4 than Titanfall does on the Xbox One.  For those of you that are remotely interested in how the matchup unfolds I will try to post weekly results to this page.

I'm sure some of you are already getting your crow ready and I don't mind admitting if I'm wrong.  I can't claim to be an expert at these predictions.  Still I feel that if the PS4 continues to broaden the gap in sales that this could definitely happen.  A lot of people are excited for both games and I'm sure they will both do well.  This is the third installment of an Infamous game compared to a brand new IP.  I think a lot of it comes down to how much money EA will throw into advertising.

Be sure to bookmark this page to receive weekly sales updates once these two games have released.  Also let me know your thoughts on which game will sell more copies.

Edited on 2/29/2016

Titanfall Lifetime Global Sales


2014 2,535,002 N/A 2,535,002
2015 288,408 -88.6% 2,823,410
2016 21,810 -92.4% 2,845,220


Infamous: Second Son Lifetime Global Sales

2014 2,101,363 N/A 2,101,363
2015 512,673 -75.6% 2,614,036
2016 39,761 -92.2% 2,653,797


Predicting that Second Son (PS4) will outsell Titanfall (XOne) in lifetime sales.  Click here for sales comparison thread.

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ohh shit!!!

 The One and Only


I doubt it.

So not gonna happen

Has a small chance, I guess. Wouldn't have been a prediction of mine though, that's for sure!

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.... i just cant with you people.


The fps audience is much bigger than that of games like that, with exceptions offcouse. titan fall will  be a game that is constantly being played since you are able to experience it with others.

bananaking21 said:
ohh shit!!!

Haha!  The reaction I expect from most. :)

Predicting that Second Son (PS4) will outsell Titanfall (XOne) in lifetime sales.  Click here for sales comparison thread.

So glad someone posted this cuz i cant post yet. Im quite mesmerized, second son which is not a new IP is the most pre ordered ps4 title atm, Titanfall is a new IP and the most pre ordered for xbox one. How the hell is titanfall so much higher?

Im very proud of microsoft (post E3) but sony is winning in hardware sales everywhere the ps4 has over 1 million more in sales. There should be a huge different in pre orders with second son winning. (i.e see watchdogs preorders ps4 vs. xbox one, same with destiny). And actually multi plat games on xbox one are going up faster in the pre order charts which i also find weird.

It could be because first person shooters TEND to sell better than, everything else.

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Despite the larger install base of the PS4, I think Titanfall will sell more. Multiplayer games just sell more, and it's THE multiplayer experience for Xbone, whereas inFamous is probably liked by a smaller percentage of PS4 owners. Plenty of people will buy it, just not quite the same numbers, I think.

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