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So i'm not to sure why there are so many Wii U haters out there,  it seems alot of older gamers like to jump on the hate bandwagon.

I want to start by saying I'm 31 and I never owned the original Wii because I didn't like the idea of motion controls.  I took a chance, never trying the Wii U, I blindly bought it when the limited edition Windwaker bundle was released....and to be honest, I'm completely blown away on how awesome this machine is.  As far as gaming goes, I own 6 Wii U games so far and I am super happy on how good they are, the quality put into the games is second to none.  There are also many excellent games on the horizon (DKTF,Mario Kart 8,Smash, X,bayo 2, project cars, etc..). Also the tablet control is really comfortable and is a great inovating piece of equipment, it has numerous different uses and prolly still more to come.

I know it's apparently not as powerful as Xbox1/Ps4 but the graphics are still amazing to the naked eye.  So why is there so many haters???? Is it because the 100 million people that bought the original Wii feel ripped off because it sat on their shelves most of its lifespan? Is it because people still think that it's all about motion controls??(which it isn't, because i have never once needed a motion control for any single game), Is it because it's the "cool" thing to do to jump on the bash wagon?

I have been a gamer my whole life and I haven't had this much fun on a console in a long time.  It's looking like a really good year for Nintendo games, and gaming in general.   I really  hope that people will turn that corner and get off that bash train and realize how great the Wii U really is.

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Its cause of brand loyalty imo... People just can't get along


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To be fair, 99% of the Nintendoom threads are from one person...

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Why so many supporters? People have opinions. You can agree with them or you don't. You have fun playing Wii U? Man, that's perfect! That is why they are building these machines for us! Go on and play and don't get angry about some users here.
There are bad ones on every brand, for sure. I won't give my opinion to Wii U but will probably never buy it. But the situation is already bad for Nintendo and nobody can deny that.
What I hope for is a big title coming to Wii U which will push the sales as we need a strong competition in this business.

There's a ton of Wii U apologists as well. I frankly don't get where they're coming from.

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Fusioncode said:
To be fair, 99% of the Nintendoom threads are from one person...

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In all honesty, I don't get it either. There's one thing to not like a console for whatever reason, but the Wii U (and also actually the Vita) have ended up with such venomous hate directed at them wishing failure to an extent that I'm completely bemused.

Wii U has been my most used home console over the "holidays" despite getting a PS4 on the UK launch and yeah, the graphics on the PS4 and XONE will eventually knock it out of the park. But there seems to be more than enough juice inside the thing to knock out some stunning looking games (hence my thread about most visually impressive game and my choice being a Wii U title).

I don't know, I guess some of us just love gaming because we love games. Whilst others enjoy the thrill of the competition between systems a lot more.

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I feel that with some "hardcore gamers" they think that's all about power. Of course that's part of it, but a weaker system can without question still be enjoyable. I should however say that I do not own a Wii U (yet).

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Its cause of brand loyalty imo... People just can't get along

Is that really an excuse? For example I have been loyal to the Nintendo and Sony brand (though i prefer Nintendo) and I've never ever said anything shitty about Microsoft and the Xbox one. Maybe I don't like the idea of the system, but I would never bash a company just for not being called 'Nintey or Sony'

IMO most of those guys are just plain trolls... that's what they are :)

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