Do You Consider Wii U A Current/Next-gen console?

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What do you think?

Wii U is 7th gen! 134 16.18%
Wii U is 8th gen! 584 70.53%
Wii U is gay! 39 4.71%
Wii U is straight! 14 1.69%
Wii U is bisexual! 55 6.64%

I consider Wii U an 8th gen console.

I also consider water wet, and air somewhat transparent.

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V-r0cK said:
KingdomHeartsFan said:
V-r0cK said:
7th gen as it shares the exact same multiplatform games as PS3/360

Same as the PS4/X1...

My mistake, I meant exact same multiplat games with the same graphics ie. Batman AC/Origins, Mass Effect.  The graphics play a part of this as well.

Wii U has some multiplat games that look better like NFS Most Wanted, I don't see what the developer's willingness to fully utalize a console really has to do with it being considered 7th or 8th gen.

Somewhere in the middle 7.5th gen



Edit: WiiU not me ^^

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It's shinier than twins and has a instant streaming Nintendo Wii U GamePad.. Gen 9?

Lolz. What lewis said ^^

I consider it an 8th gen console, but I consider it something separate from the PS4/XB1.

Fanboy bait thread.
How many of these do we really need ?

These generations get more and more alike in terms of differences in consoles, so it's not hard to explain why uninformed people think that Wii U is a different generation than PS4 and X1. It's the same gen, just different.

Remember when PS1 had other specs than N64, and came out years earlier. People didn't complain about generations then. PS4 and X1 is almost the same box with different brand names and exclusives the way I see it. The Wii U is somewhat different like the difference between N64 and PS1.