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Unlike the Xbox One's philosophy with Kinect voice commands that control everything from turning on the console to searching the online store, the PlayStation 4's camera / mic array can only interpret a handful of relatively basic voice commands. The console can't be "woken" while in standby mode by voice, for instance, nor can you command a video playing on Netflix to pause. In fact, at launch, none of the third-party apps on the PlayStation 4 will allow for voice commands -- something Sony reps tell us they "hope" more apps will integrate in the future. The console can be turned off using voice, and you can command it to open games.

At Sony's big PS4 review event in New York City this week, few of the commands were demoed, and zero gesture commands were shown. Outside of facial recognition for logging in, it looks like Sony's next game console isn't focusing too much on competing with Microsoft on a point-by-point basis in terms of camera / mic-based input.

Of course, reps also told us that more functionality will be added over time. And hey, considering that the camera may actually be included in the retail box down the line, it sounds to us like you're probably safe waiting for a few on grabbing one this Friday -- unless you really, really want to play The Playroom. Frankly, we respect that.



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This won't matter, as they aren't packing in the camera anyway. Why bother to integrate something that isn't even supported by Sony.

It won't affect the sales of the system. I plan to get the PS4 regardless of it's other features.

It is near the end of the end....

This is the very reason why MS packed Kinect with the box. Each day I hear about its functionality, I am really glad they did it since I get a true media box that is also a very powerful gaming machine.

Only place you need voice commands is in your car. Stupid feature is stupid.

Couldn't care less since I don't intend to use it anyway. Focus on other things most gamers actually care about.


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Xbox720p said:
Only place you need voice commands is in your car. Stupid feature is stupid.

Judging by your screen name(and your few posts), you are obviously only signed in to troll the threads...

It is near the end of the end....

While I think the Xbox 1 voice command features are cool, they just really don't seem like anything I would use. Heck I work for AT&T and we have a lot of voice activated things and I personally CAN NOT STAND THEM. Cool but I just don't like them lol. So they are not really PERSONALLY useful to ME. For others it will be awesome and I am sure they will use it.

I guess time will tell if these are game changing futures. I see it being a hit and miss, a hit for some and a miss for others.

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Hate voice commands. So it doesn't matter to me anyway.

Couldn't care less about voice command, I'm actually disappointed that they are wasting their time with it. I won't be using it either way, better use these resources to give me games.

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not a fan of any voice recognition tech i've used so far. i don't really expect that to change. but if taking to a console is your thing xbone is clearly the better option.