Forums - Sales Discussion - Can the PS4 outsell the Wii U in the UK... In 1 Week?

So the recent news about CoD Ghosts PS4 outselling CoD Ghosts Wii U got me looking at the UK sales charts and I noticed that the Wii U has "only" sold ~181,000 units so far over here.

Now this is quite a number to reach in a Week, but I take you back to">PS3 launch. Sony sold 165,000 PS3s in only 2 days at a launvh price of £425, during March. Its worth noting that the PSP actually sold 185,000 units during launch in the UK, so the numbers have been done before. 

Anyone think its gonna happen?

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Nobody doubt that it 'can' do it, will it sell more week one well I don't think they will ship that many consoles to UK to make it possible.

Good call. I hope so.. and why not, it is an incredible machine..

Definitely can, and it shows how bad UK is for WiiU because as a comparison PS4 isn't gonna outsell WiiU WW this year, yet can do it first week in the UK.


At this rate it should be able to.

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And this is why CoD PS4 selling more in UK than CoD WiiU isnt impressive at all. WiiU flopped there so it shouldnt have been a surprise.

Doubt it. UK is really 360 land now days. Better and more relevant numbers would be vita's launch since it was two years ago verse 6. That's around 60k. PS4 should of course do better, but I doubt 3 times better.

It looks like the PS4 has it in the bag to do it.


Edit: I would like to know the vita numbers too.

I'll find a way to deconstruct everybody's psychology ...

I hope so, and I think if SCE has the amount of stock above 200k allocated for UK, it should easily do it.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Wait so when does PS4 release in all the territories?