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Is it?

Yes 61 39.87%
No 84 54.90%
Gamecube? What's that? 8 5.23%

I remember back when the 3DS was being boasted as a powerful portable piece of hardware, but as of late, I havn't seen anyevidence of that. Is it just me, or is it substantially weaker than even the Gamecube? I'm just curious is all.

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....is this a troll post?

Its definitely weaker from a poly pushing+texture perspective. It has a more advanced GPU though so it can pull of tricks like bump mapping better then the gamecube.

Raw powerwise i think the 3ds is between the dreamcast and the ps2, but of course the shaders it utilises allows game like RE:Revaltion which looks like it should belong on the Vita.

I have no doubt that there were some things the GameCube could do better by sheer virtue of being a console (and thus needing to output higher resolution than a handheld), but the 3DS' more modern GPU is capable of achieving better effects in some areas than the Wii.

For all that Pokemon X and Y have done, they are an outlier in the weaker direction. Compare Mario 3D Land to Sunshine, or RE Revelations to REmake

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No i have trouble running ds emulators on my gaming pc lag free.

luigi mansion 1 vs luigi mansion 2?

resident evil 0 or resident evil 4 vs resident evil revelations?

legend of zelda ww vs legend of zelda ocarina of time?

super mario sunshine vs super mario 3d land?

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ohhh maybe we will see pikmin 3 on 3ds soon :O


Weaker than the gamecube? It's not even as powerfull as the dreamcast.

Shenmue a game from 2000 : http://img.gamefaqs.net/screens/0/e/a/gfs_26893_2_1.jpg

The legend of Zelda - Ocarina of time 3ds,a game 11 years later : http://image.gamespotcdn.net/gamespot/images/2011/130/reviews/997842_20110511_screen004.jpg

I think the 3DS has the edge, but the system is still accounting for a lot more than the previous handhelds would be, like the GBA essentially just being a portable SNES with supposedly inferior sound, but I'm not even sure about that given Wario Land 4 arguably has more impressive sound than any SNES port the system had.

On a personal note, I still think it was lame that Mario Sunshine didn't get a port at launch. :P