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EDIT: Q2 Results are as followed:

Operating Loss of 187 million (embarrassing)

Shipments of Wii U - 300k

Shipments of Wii U Software - 5 million

Shipments of 3DS - 2.4 million

Shipments of 3DS software - 16 million

Wii U still sold at a a loss - affects Nintendo's profits greatly.


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Good. Looks like they are on track to meet their full year forecast of 0.9m units for the Wii U.

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If Nintendo could post an operating income this quarter it would be quite a coup considering the abysmal Wii U performance.

Go Wii U!

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Next Quarter Nintendo going to Rockkk!

This one unless MH4 did alot (oh yea it did)....

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RolStoppable said:
Good. Looks like they are on track to meet their full year forecast of 0.9m units for the Wii U.

Ha. I still don't know how they came up with 9 million.

Q: Do the big 3 typically start shipping holiday stock late September?? It seems rather early.

Europe + Japan seems to be under US, so 350k might be too high. Wouldn't surprise me though I guess.


I think Nintendo will have a net profit but an operating loss.

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Do these guys like ever lose money? Like I think I heard them not make any profit once in the last 25 years... Like wtf... Nintendo is a gaming only company.... They don't make anything else yet they can still make a ton of profit even when they are losing money on their flagship console? What magic is this?


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Iwata said 100 billion yen operating profit ALONE for the FY. So far with the Q1 results they are further away from that goal since they've posted a loss. I doubt things will change for Q2.

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