The most atmospheric games you've played

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What are they, and why?

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Red Dead Redemption & Alan wake

Amnesia, because shitting my pants.

God of War probably because of how awesomely they recreate the atmosphere of Greek mythology through architecture, vibe, characters, brutality, and even landscapes.

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     Resident Evil 4. It was the first time I played a game like that. It was simply amazing. It is still  amazing to this very day. The feeling of exploring forrests, houses with such a dark setting without an annoying partner ( Looking at RE5 and RE6). 

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Phantasy Star 2, because of the story and music.
Guardian Heroes, because of the intro and music.


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killzone 2. Red dead redemption. assassins creed 1 had great atmospher. pitfall the lost expedition as well. ohh and god of war games

Metroid Prime and Super Mario Galaxy.

Legacy of Kain series.

Silent Hill - Need I say more?

F.E.A.R. - Nearly as atmospheric as it gets, for me!

Alan Wake - Very under-appreciated, atmospheric title. Lurking through the woods is unmatched, here!