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I own a Ps3 and a Ps Vita. It always bothered me to notice that Sony want you to pay for PSX titles.  

Those games are here for maybe ten/fifteen years and we still have to pay for it ? In my opinion we've supported those games well enough and Sony should make them free. They're simple emulated games. Even my poor laptop can play them with epsxe.

10$ for MGS ? Without even vr mission ?
15$ for 3 crash bandicoot ? 
10$ for FF7 without even implement the great mod coming for the pc community ? 

This is not normal. They should stop trying to milking us the best they can, because that's clearly a lacks of consideration to me. In my opinion it would be a great move (or normal at least) coming from Sony if those games were free from now on. I think we've all gave Sony/those games devs enough money coming from it for almost fifteen years now.   

Now for ps2 titles : I can understand I have to pay ps2 HD port since it's not just emulation but "real" games that need to being developped a bit on ps3 in order to make them support HD or correct/fix some shit in-games. But is asking us to pay 30$/€ for a simple collection port normal ? I do not think so. The psn is full of ps2 titles you can't play anywhere else, unless you keep a psx and a ps2 next to your ps3.

Some of them are sold at the right price : 

- 10$ for Prince of persia the sand of time for example. It's clearly superior to its ps2 OG counterpart, the HD filter is really good, the game is still one of the best, they fixed some bugs. 10$ is fine. (The rest of POP trilogy is not as good and sold at the exact same price though)

BUT those are clearly not :

- 30$ Ratchet of collection HD
- 30$ Zone of the enders collection HD
- God of war collection HD
- 30$ Sly raccoon collection HD  
- 30$ Metal gear solid collection HD
- 30$ for Devil may Cry collection HD 
- 20$ Shadow of the colossus HD
- 20$ GTA san andreas HD

Seriousey ? A lot of those games were ported by very small studio (Bluepoint games, Ideal Minds, Sanzaru games...). Heck, for exemple Kingdom hearts 1.5 was made by TWO guys, and they had to re do a lot of in game stuff because Senix had lost a lot of data related shit. They were two guys and the result is perfect (But screw square enix for charging it 70$...). Do not tell me those HD port cost Sony millions to make. And still they're selling them as if those games actually cost millions to make. 

I am not a cheap player at all (I won't own a ps vita if I were =P) but those practice are just plain wrong. I've already bought some of those games. But I realise now, that it is not normal at all. I am a regular Sony customer but I refuse to pay for those games again in my whole gamers life, and I do not want Sony to charge new/young players for those games either. 

All the games I speak about are the ps2/psx's catalogues peak of quality and almost indispensable games. Everyone should be able to play/discover them on a Sony device without being forced to keep their ps2 next to their ps3 (and in the future their ps3 next to their ps4) and without being forced to pay wrong price for them.

The last wrong thing is, those games would not be available on Ps4. The Psn catalogue is almost complete, full of very great games, and all those games would not be available on ps4... A huge shame imo. Even if you did not pay 1$ bucks for them, even if the ps4/ps3 system are different, I don't care, those games should be available for everyone on Ps4 or at least on vita.  

Depending on your opinion/reaction, I will start a petition and I will submit it to Sony playstation to make things change. Or at least try it. 

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These games should be free? ha! No. Regardless of how good/old they are, just because they have been available before doesn't mean some work didn't go into getting it into the store.

Especially the HD versions. These companies are not a charity. They are here to get paid and they charge what they think the product is worth. As a consumer, you pay what you think it is worth. If you don't think it's worth the asking, price, wait until it's down to the price you think it's worth or find cheaper means.

If you've already bought/own the game already, then you don't need to buy it again, these versions are for people who have never played it, used to play/own it but either lost their original copy or want to re own it for whatever reason.

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They shouldn't be free but they're definitely overpriced.

They're not charity but their main purpose is to make sure their consumers is satisfied mate. And trying to milk their consumers the best they can is definitely not the way to go. 

Plus, I don't think Sony makes money/sell a lot of those games. From what I know PSN titles sales are very low. A lot of great names have already speak about it. What will they lost by making those games free if they're not selling a lot of them ? Almost nothing.

On the other side, if they make them free, consumers would be happy and some new consumers may come. That's pretty basic and yes that's that simple. 

This is like a whole new level of first world problems.

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Some of the games you mention don't even belong to Sony. What, exactly, do you want them to do?

I'm not sure I can disagree with your logic anymore than I already do, I will say this though.

When FF7, 8, 9, MGS 1 all realeased on PSN, they stayed on the N/A region's top downloads for weeks respectively

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pokoko said:
Some of the games you mention don't even belong to Sony. What, exactly, do you want them to do?

Simple : Pay some bucks to be able to offer them for free to their consumers. They already do it with playstation + and guess what, this is a success. 

If they're not from sony studios, they're from rockstar, Square enix studio or kojima studio. All those studios have strong bonds with Sony, I'm even sure Sony wouldn't need to drop a single $ in the move. 

Do not tell me people do not see consumers being happy with Sony if they made something like that ? The advantage coming from it would be huge from them. 

Yeah, programmers should work for free, communism is great.

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If people thought they were too expensive, they wouldn't buy them. If people don't buy them, they won't sell them for that price

I think that $5-10 for a very good PS1 classic is a perfectly reasonable price. I did buy the PS1 classics I own in sales (mostly), but I was perfectly prepared to pay a decent price for a 50-60 hour game that I have never played before (FF VII, VIII, IX)

As for the PS2 games, I have never been interested, most of them are available on PC which is probably better for old games

The HD classics are generally reasonably priced, half the price of new games or even less! I got the Jak trilogy for 25 and that is 3 very good games!

Kindgom Hearts 1.5 HD is probably on the steep side for just 1 full game, but it is still half the price of a brand new game