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DeadBigfoot21 said:
I had my pre-order before all this and it will stay there. Now thanks to all the sony fanboys we are all going back to the stone age of gaming. I really liked the family sharing feature but now its gone. Way to ruin a console for some of us that were excited. Back to the stone age like sony has always done it. I hope they add DRM later

It was all ruined for a few people. But apparently MS thought the vast majority would have had their gaming experience ruined instead with all that. So what is MS going to choose those few people like you, or the majority?

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kitler53 said:
tiffac said:
Does this mean If I import the X1 I can now play it anywhere in the world :D

Or does that initial setup a problem for me? :/

they said "region free" so i don't think you'll have a problem but if you are really concerned just wait a while.  the day-1 patch is almost certainly because while the policy changed today the technical solution will be programed between now an launch day.  non-launch consoles will have the updated, no online needed, OS pre-installed.

Thanks for the answer, yes I will wait and see how everything goes. :)

This is fantastic news! Good to see MS listening to people. It doesn't change the things that are keeping me from buying One (get it :P) But at least it's not going to hurt the industry now.

All it took was a month of negative press. Whining solves everything.


This victory belongs mainly to all of you, gamers, who complained, bashed and insisted MS had no right to control the direction of the console culture as it pleased them, and above everything it now benefits all of us, who had all but written off an entire console ecosystem because of its crappy policies and now we can have it back. Most of it, anyways.

Well played everyone.


And for the apologists who would accept everything MS pulled without blinking an eye and now are going to benefit from what the very people whom they incessantly bashed have earned, a big fucking lol to you all.






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theprof00 said:
So in essence, ms just said everyone defending the xb1 were wrong and everyone criticizing were right. :)

There is no right or wrong, just different opinions. I think at least MS should have tried a new, innovative system to bring to the gaming-world but they just couldn't. Sad but I have to deal with it.

Now MS should drop kinct and things will be better


Anybody here remembers this interview days ago? Look at the Sony related question at 3:33.

“I don’t think,… I mean we’re really not going to change anything we’ve done with Xbox One. We’re very happy,… did you see the games on stage during our briefing? Did you see the exclusives? I mean we’re really really proud of the system and the games that are coming out. When you look at games like TitanFall,… have you gone through Titanfall yet? Enough said. Conversation over. We’re really happy with what we showed on stage as well as what we’re showing here in the booth so I think it is uh,… it’s safe to say that we’re confident where we’re going. We’re also confident that gamers are going to love our vision of the future and what we’re going to offer for gaming” 

Stinky said:
Oh dear, it appears that the digital sharing is gone too? I thought that was pretty neat. The pity is the most vocal opposition towards the xbox would never buy one anyway.


The game sharing and full access to your library of games on the cloud were big features for me. I hope they figure out a way to bring this back or at least give the option. I'm really not happy about this as their policies didn't bother me one bit...

Love the product, not the company. They love your money, not you.


I can now use my Gamefly account for Xbox One rentals and no need to worry about the 24 hour check in but the family share thing and not needing your disc to play your game once installed are now gone sadly. Was hoping the family share feature would somehow still be available for digital sharing at least.

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