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           For the people that don't know what the heck I am talking about, take a look at this:  Yup. THOSE commercials. Like them or hate them, they made a lot of people buy certain Wii games. Metroid Prime 3, Brawl, Red Steel, Twilight Princess, etc.. Nintendo should just ditch the GOD AWFUL advertisements they have now and bring back these. They can still make different ads for those games. Like Sonic Lost World.
            The first ad shows the Wii U guys saying " Wii would like to play with U" and then footage of people playing Sonic Lost World begins. As simple as that. The second ad is osmething more different. Nothing related to the  first ad.
             Smash Bros 4 is an other example. The first ad is similar to the type of commercial Sonic Lost World had and the second ad has similar to those good old Smash 64 ads.
              What do you guys think? This kind of advertising would work better or worse than what Ninty is doing now?

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Nintendo should bring back the marketing...

Have a nice day...

Sad, but true.. Very true. I hope Ninty takes the marketing seriously and does everything possible to make Wii u relevant.

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Those were award-winning commercials that many people remember, so maybe.

But that might not solve the brand confusion issue.

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Wii would like to play was so dope.

It was so fun to watch and yet effective at the same time. Much better than the edgy dubstep crap they tried to push out at launch. Nintendo is all about feeling good and dope. (With a dash of fantasy epic)

They have to go back to lovable marketing. It's what sets them apart from boom blue and orange drop the bass commercials of everyone else. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

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Plus having two models is just dumb as heck and creates even more confusion. Many people said this and Ninty should take action. Take rid of the damn Basic Model and make the Deluxe Model $300. Maybe bundle Game & Wario along with Nintendo Land?

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 I agree 100% with you. The Wii U commercials suck so bad it's not even funny. No wonder consumers don't wanna touch the damn thing. The marketing is just awful.

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Wii-style marketing would only be effective in the short term (if that) without Wii-style games to back it up.

 Who knows? Maybe Nintendo Land will cut it?

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The gimmick is just not strong enough, when motion gaming came out even my mom was excited by it. Motion control captured the mainstream imagination but the tablet controller failed to do that just like 3d gaming failed also

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