Sony Stock goes BOOM AGAIN! : Up nearly 10%

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Are you not entertained?!

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Awesome, slowly turning it around hopefully. Sony needs to own at video games forever.

tres said:
it helps with the yen dropping

Very true, the Yen dropping  is boosting stocks everywhere

...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

"Welcome to Pain, the second of three...You have dealt the first...now deal with me!!"

depends on how much time they needed to call it "boom".
for one day 5% it is boom

japanese stocks are expected to go up this year(not just sony)
since japan has announced a US-style quantative easing(=virtual money printing=more debts)
it is likely that japanese stocks will perform pretty much the same way like the us-stocks did since the first QE.
the difference:japan is hoping for an inflation/devaluation of the yen while the usa have to keep the dollar strong in a relative way as a weak dollar is supposed to lose its status as world reserve currency

B b b ut the fiscal year results were poor... how can that can happen? They are selling building... this news is fake... I tell you FAKE.

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Dat Kaz.

It hit a 52-week high. Hard not to acknowledge that Sony is doing something right.

Nice to see the company slowly digging themselves out of this hole they've been in.

some more good news,i'll buy the low end x-peria as a reward i need a new phone

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Last time it was above 19 dollars was in early April last year